‘True Blood’ 7.07 Recap: “Not Dead Yet”

What a surprise – another episode of ‘True Blood’ where hardly anything notable happens. I feel like this whole final season could have been avoided had the producers decided to just wrap the show up with a two-hour TV movie and called it a day.

Now cured of her Hep-V, Sarah’s sister Amber refuses to tell Eric or the Yakuza where Sarah is. Mr. Gus tries to bribe her into talking, but Eric has a hallucination of Amber turning into Sarah and stakes her.

Andy and Holly search for Adilyn and Wade at Camp Bellefleur without luck. Andy calls Jessica, who assures him that she hasn’t felt any sign of Adilyn being in trouble. (She should, because they have a blood connection.) A little relieved, Andy and Holly head out to Oklahoma, where Holly believes the kids may be hiding at her ex-husband’s summer house on a lake. This will be another dead end.

Meanwhile, Violet has actually brought Adilyn and Wade to her mansion, where she leaves them in a bedroom filled with kinky S&M gear and instructs them to, “Have fun fucking!” Given that Violet could have easily killed the both of them, it appears that drinking Adilyn’s fairy blood is not her first priority. In fact, she leaves them be until the next nightfall, and only then attacks. Based on the preview for next week, my assumption is that this is all a ploy to lure Jessica to come for Adilyn, as revenge for Jess stealing Jason away from her.

With Bill’s infection spreading rapidly, Sookie calls the abrasive Dr. Ludwig (last seen in Season 4), who repeatedly boasts about how she’s not afraid of anything or anyone, until she finds out that Sookie is related to Niall (Rutger Hauer). Ludwig says that she can’t do anything for Bill and gets the hell out of there.

Confused by what spooked Dr. Ludwig, Sookie calls on Niall to cross over from Fairyland. Niall brushes the Ludwig thing off with a bullshit excuse. Not really caring about Ludwig, Sookie implores Niall to use his fairy magic to cure Bill. Niall tells her that he can’t fix Bill, and Sookie angrily sends him away. (Yet another storyline that goes nowhere and accomplishes nothing.)

In yet more flashbacks to Bill’s past, we see how he first met his wife. Is any of this leading anywhere?

Hoyt arrives back in town to make arrangements for his mother’s funeral. Jason has to pretend that he and Hoyt don’t know each other, but he’s terribly distracted by Hoyt’s hot girlfriend, Brigette. Hasn’t Jason outgrown this horndog shit yet? His character has shown zero development over seven seasons.

With nowhere else to run, Sarah returns to the now-abandoned campus of the Church of the Sun. She hallucinates visions of Steve, Jason and the yoga guru taunting her. She’s spotted there by a Japanese spy satellite, which alerts Mr. Gus to her location.

Sookie promises Bill that she’ll stay with him until the end. The episode closes with them having sex.

Can someone please explain to me why Sookie is back in love with Bill again? I just don’t buy that aspect of this storyline at all. Mrs. Z speculates that this is an excuse for Sookie to get pregnant with Bill’s vampire baby. I’m not sure if that’s possible in the show’s vampire mythology, but I expect that problems like that could just be waved away with the excuse of magic.

As you’ve no doubt gathered, this felt to me like just another filler episode wasting time until the finale. Nothing that happens in this episode serves much purpose except to give the characters (including former characters who’d been written off) some extra screen time. I really believe that there are better, more interesting ways to achieve that.


      • agentalbert

        Yeah, I get it. That’s really the only reason I’ve watched the past two seasons. Just so when its all over a few years from now I don’t get to wondering what happened and then have to rent it or subscribe to something to go through any hassle to find out how it all ended. Almost all done, thankfully.

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