‘True Blood’ 7.06 Recap: “Nothing Left to Do But Wait”

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that this final season of ‘True Blood’ is simply biding its time to fill a required number of episodes before the eventual finale. This week’s episode is literally all about the characters sitting around and waiting for something, anything to happen.

Pam and Eric are captured by the Yakuza, brought to the Yakanoma Corporation headquarters, and chained with silver to chairs in front of an open window while a timer counts down the hours to sunrise.

Knowing that he has Hep-V, Bill contacts a lawyer to amend his Will so that he can leave his estate to Jessica. You’d think a rich guy like Bill would have a fancy lawyer on call, but for some reason he goes to a strip mall attorney where he has to wait his turn behind dozens of other infected vampires.

Sookie worries that she may be a carrier for Hep-V (because she was splashed with the blood of a dead Hep Vamp) and may be responsible for Bill’s infection. She goes to a clinic for a blood test, and then she and Jason wait around the rest of the day to hear the results.

With her parents now dead, Sarah Newlin has nowhere else to go except to her sister Amber’s house. Amber isn’t exactly happy to see her, and threatens to attack Sarah. Unfortunately, because she’s so weak from the Hep-V, Amber passes out, and Sarah waits around for her to wake up so that she can plead for help.

None of these storylines ends with any particular excitement.

The North American President of the Yakanoma Corporation, an Asian guy dressed in a flamboyant white cowboy outfit who calls himself “Mr. Gus, Jr.,” demands that Eric tell him where Sarah Newlin is. Pam brokers a deal where Mr. Gus swears to let them live in exchange for the info. Eric insists that he be the one to kill Sarah. With an agreement reached, they have to wait until the next nightfall to act.

The lawyer, a bitchy woman named Kapneck, tells Bill that his Will is invalid due to a legal technicality. (He was dead when he had it drafted.) He has no legal right to leave anything to Jessica unless he adopts her, which could take months. That’s a problem since his Hep-V seems to be progressing at a frighteningly rapid pace. Kapneck tries to extort Bill for $10 million to expedite the adoption process. When he balks at that, the lawyer gets indignant, and Bill stabs her in the throat with a letter opener.

I’m no lawyer, but couldn’t Bill just gift everything to Jessica while he’s still alive (or undead)?

Sookie’s test comes back positive. She gave Bill the Hep-V. Sookie is sad.

The only interesting development in the entire episode happens in the Sarah storyline. When Amber wakes up, Sarah explains that there’s a cure for Hep-V, and she drank it when she fled the governor’s laboratory/prison. It’s in her blood now. Sarah is the cure. This is confirmed when Eric, Pam and the Yakuza arrive looking for Sarah, and find Amber completely healed.

That one bit of info takes up maybe two minutes of screen time. The rest of the episode amounts to little of value that you couldn’t skip this episode entirely.

Other Inconsequential Business

  • Lafayette and Lettie Mae go tripping on vampire blood together. They share a vision of Tara directing them to dig up something in the yard of Tara’s old house.
  • Andy walks in on his daughter Adilyn having sex with Holly’s son Wade. He chases the boy out of the house. Later, Adilyn and Wade run off together.
  • Violet tries to seduce Jason back, but realizes that she’s losing him to Jessica. She leaves him a break-up note and hunts down Adilyn and Wade at the tree fort at Camp Bellefleur. She talks the gullible teenagers into coming with her so that she can protect them from other vampires. Obviously, she has her own plans for what to do with the fairy girl.
  • Sam’s pregnant girlfriend Nicole is leaving him to go home to her parents. Umm, OK. Are we supposed to care about this character now?

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