‘Terra Nova’ 1.11 Recap: “Some Assembly Required”

A lot of the season’s storylines are finally starting to come to a head on ‘Terra Nova’. I guess that’s a good thing, isn’t it? I mean, at least it’s some sort of progress.

Honestly, I have no idea what the episode title ‘Within’ means. Perhaps it’s referring to the fact that (as we learned previously) Skye is the Sixer mole within the colony? Maybe? I don’t have a clue. When it comes to episode titles for this show, it often feels like the writers just toss out random words and call it a day.

So, in this one, Commander Taylor’s evil son Lucas is very close to making the time portal work both ways. If successful, the baddies from the future will be able to strip mine the planet in the past and transport the valuable resources back to the future. Of course, they’ll wipe out Terra Nova in doing so. In order to finish his calculations, Lucas needs Skye to sneak a computer program back to the colony and run it in the super computer known as “The Eye.” It’s a good think that there’s no security around the colony’s central computer system.

With the 11th Pilgrimage due to arrive soon, Taylor is antsy and puts the pressure on Jim to find the mole right away. After narrowing down his list of suspects, he questions Skye, who uses Jim’s son Josh as an alibi. However, Jim catches Skye on camera sneaking out of the colony, and forces Josh to admit that Skye wasn’t with him.

Eventually, Taylor and Jim confront Skye, who confesses everything. She tells them about her mother being held hostage, and about Lucas’s plans for the time portal. As soon as they realize that Lucas has overtaken the security detail around the portal terminus, Jim and Taylor race to stop him, but they’re too late. He blathers for a few minutes about how much he hates his daddy, and then steps into the portal and vanishes. Taylor and Jim have no idea what’s going to come their way in the 11th Pilgrimage now.

Now that she’s been caught, Skye worries that the Sixers will harm or let her mother die. Taylor saves the day by ordering Curran, his spy in the Sixer camp, to rescue the mother. Because he knows that she’s not really a bad person, Taylor forgives Skye for being a mole, and also forgives Curran, who we might remember murdered another soldier just a couple episodes ago. I guess Taylor’s in a good mood, despite the fact that the Sixers have relocated and the colony’s impending doom is coming shortly.

I doubt the show will go this way, but I have this idea in my head that Lucas isn’t going to jump forward to the 2149 he knows. Since it was already established that the Terra Nova colony exists in an alternate timeline from the future where the colonists started, wouldn’t trying to travel forward from that point just send Lucas to a new 2149 in Terra Nova’s timeline? In which case, the world would reflect 85 million years of technological and cultural advancements beyond where Terra Nova is now. That’d be a neat twist. Too bad it’s extremely unlikely to happen.


  1. Andrew

    “Since it was already established that the Terra Nova colony exists in an alternate timeline from the future where the colonists started”

    I believe they said that is what they told the people of Terra Nova, but it is actually the same timeline.

  2. The alternative timeline theory is interesting, but remember, he has already TALKED to the future, and has brought people through on different pilgrameges.

    Is it just me, or is the portal much smaller than it was in the first show?

    Interesting stuff given in this episode. They mention that in the early pilgramages, before they put in the portal, people randomly appeared – one in the middle of a lake. So, it seems that, to control what comes through the gate, all one has to do is move the portal to, oh, something like a cave. This would allow them to let people through, while crushing anything such as tanks or mining equipment that might come through.

    I truthfully do not know why I am still watching this show. But, you know, I have stuck with it this long, might as well see it through.

  3. I only watch this show because my 10 year old son likes it. I think we’re three episodes behind on the DVR but the show’s so bad that reading the up to date recaps doesn’t ruin it for me.

    It’s sad. The premise had potential.

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