‘Sunny’ 6.11 Recap: It’s Always Sunny in Atlantic City Too

Last week, ‘It’s Always Sunny on Philadelphia’ gave us another winner of an episode, called ‘The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods’. It starts out as a road trip to Atlantic City. Frank is being honored at an animal rights benefit for his donations, and Mac hopes to meet Chase Utley from the Phillies. Frank doesn’t want to pay tolls, so takes them down some sketchy back roads. Mac, who has wholeheartedly taken up the animal rights cause, grabs the wheel to prevent Frank from hitting a squirrel. They end up in a ditch, and then the wheels really come off.

They pull Charlie out of the trunk, where he’d been put to help keep him calm. However, he’s quite agitated and fearful about being outside of Philly. Dennis tries to settle him down as they walk to find help. Dennis explains that he needs to experience new things and “say yes” to new experiences and adventures. They come upon a tractor trailer truck and say yes to adventure with Byron, played by Tom Sizemore. That’s right, Tom Sizemore, last seen on ‘Celebrity Rehab’ and ‘Sober House’.

Byron is excited about finding such well-dressed lot lizards out in the woods. The guys try to explain that they are not prostitutes while Byron winkingly tells them he believes them. He says that he doesn’t do that anymore, now that he has a wife. But if he did do those things, they could make him a swiss cheese, or treat him like a mailbox. Instead of taking them to a casino, Byron drives to a motel to convince them to check his oil and crack him open likie a coconut. Somehow, the guys manage to escape.

I loved Tom Sizemore’s cameo. He was a trainwreck to watch on ‘Celebrity Rehab’, but who knows? Maybe he can pull a Robert Downey Jr. comeback. Despite the damage the drugs have done, he shows that he’s still got some excellent acting chops and still has those compelling wolf eyes.

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Mac and Dee forage for food and come upon a dead crow. Mac wants to give the crow a proper burial, while Dee wants to use it as bait. Frank goes after a rabbit and finds himself strangely spellbound by it. Mac and Frank become convinced the rabbit has stolen Frank’s soul. Dee captures the rabbit in a blanket and wants to kill it, but can’t quite bring herself to do it. They give the crow a burial and spend the night in the car in the ditch. The next morning, Frank is in agony because he dug up the crow and ate it, and now it’s tearing him up inside. Dee wants to take the rabbit back to the bar. They set off walking and catch a ride with Byron.

Charlie and Dennis get to the casino where Charlie continues to say yes to adventure. He wins $15,000 at the roulette table and gives a speech to the animal rights crowd. Then the two of them spend the night boozing, accompanied by Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. A great montage documents their antics with “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen playing in the background. They spend Charlie’s remaining winnings by taking a private jet back to Philadelphia. They also text Mac a photo of Dennis with Chase Utley.

It’s taken me a fair bit to recap this one, and yet I haven’t even described half the funny details in the episode. For instance, we find out that Dennis wears foundation, the rabbit was named “Peter, Peter, Nickel Eater,” and Mac had been starving himself for days to get a chiseled look in his face, to look good for Chase. See what I mean? Please feel free to comment on other details I’ve missed. Lastly, yes, ‘Sunny’ did a ‘Lethal Weapon 5 ‘episode a few weeks ago which I didn’t recap. I’m not even going to try on that one. You just need to see it.

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  1. Callenby

    Yeah, the montage. I was in pain by the end of it. Just the detail that Utley and Howard were obligated to hang out with them was absolutely perfect.

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