Sundance Journal: ‘For A Good Time, Call…’

Now that I’m caught up on some Blu-ray reviews, it’s time crank out the rest of my Sundance coverage. Continuing the trend of R-rated, female-driven comedies at this year’s festival was ‘For a Good Time, Call…’ starring Lauren Anne Miller (‘Superbad‘) and Ari Gaynor (‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist‘).

The film opens with Miller and her boyfriend having the most boring sex you’ve ever seen on screen. The two talk about their day while going at it, never getting into the mood. Miller looks absolutely content, happy to have a man – but he looks bored out of his mind. As you’d expect, he breaks up with her and forces her to move out. With nowhere to go, she calls her best gay friend (Justin Long), who sets her up with a place to live. Little does she know that she’ll be sharing the apartment with her also down-and-out college “frenemy,” played by Gaynor.

When Miller learns that Gaynor is a part-time phone sex operator, she decides to better their situation with a strong business model. So she creates their own phone sex line: 1-800-MMM-HMMM. It takes no time for them to become successful, as well as non-judgmental friends.

This is a very adult comedy about two foul-mouthed girls living their own “fucked-up version of the American dream.” Being uptight in their own ways, each learns to lighten up. Miller doesn’t want to be boring anymore, and Gaynor understands what it’s like to be in a solid two-way friendship.

Despite being hilarious and only running 87 minutes, ‘For a Good Time, Call…’ feels long. The highlight of the movie is a classic cameo from Seth Rogen. The demise of the movie is an unfunny cameo by Kevin Smith.

Since it’s been picked up for distribution, you should have the opportunity to see ‘For a Good Time, Call…’ in the very near future.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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  1. JM

    Did Seth Rogen just give his wife, “Here’s ten bucks, go make a movie”?

    She calls up her ex college roommate, who used to do phone sex from her dorm, “We’re writing a comedy of your life.”

    They structure the screenplay with a chick lit plot, hire the director of ‘The Saddest Boy In The World,’ cast their friends, improvise the stripper pole routines and dildo jokes, premiere at Sundance, and sell out to Focus Features for a cool $2 million.

    Because that sounds like a sexy way to make a living.

    Also, the GQ interview with Ari Graynor and Lauren Anne Miller had a Woody Allen story that is very much worth reading.

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