Mid-Week Poll: What Summer 2011 TV Shows Are You Watching?

Here in the blog, we write a lot about the TV shows we’re currently watching. Why don’t you tell us which of this summer’s series you’re tuning into?

I’ve done my best to compile a list of any even remotely notable (scripted) TV shows that are either currently running new episodes or will be starting up again soon. I have not included any Reality shows, because those are impossible to keep up with, but feel free to talk about them in the comments. Also be sure to point out anything I may have missed.

Personally, I’ve currently got my DVR set to record ‘Covert Affairs’, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, ‘Necessary Roughness’, ‘Rescue Me’, ‘Suits’, ‘True Blood’, and ‘Wilfred’. I’ll also occasionally catch an episode of ‘Children’s Hospital’ or ‘Louie’, but I don’t have them on series recordings. ‘Entourage’ is still technically programmed to record, but I never bothered to finish watching the last season and don’t know that I’ll bother with this year’s.

What about you? You may vote for as many options you’d like.

What Summer 2011 TV Shows Are You Watching?

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  1. TJ Kats

    Breaking Bad, Entourage, Glades, Louie, Men of a Certain Age, and True Blood. Would watch Damages if it was still on FX

  2. i’m watching suits , royal pains , necessary roughness , nine lives of chloe king , the closer , curb , i haven’t watched suits , roughness , or chloe in the past week as i have been watching torchwood on netflix getting ready for torchwood : miracle day on friday.

  3. Only ‘Burn Notice’ and ‘Weeds’ for me. I like ‘White Collar’, but I’m a bit miffed that they’ve apparently given up with putting it on Blu-ray after the first season. What a slap in the face to fans.

    I know that ‘Burn Notice’ kind of did the same thing, but that was in the middle of the series’ run. With ‘White Collar’ they brought out the first season on Blu-ray and then said, “screw it”.

  4. On a sidenote, it’s pretty crazy how many summer series we have now. Remember when summer used to be reruns upon reruns until October/November rolled around?

    • EM

      Funny you should mention reruns, Aaron. This week I discovered Antenna TV, a standard-def network on various broadcast stations’ subchannels, which specializes in running TV series of the 20th century. I haven’t seen so much Maude, Good Times, Three’s a Crowd, and Dennis the Menace in years…which may be a good argument for the advent of the fall’s new series.

  5. Torchwood, True Blood and Futurama. Unfortunately I don’t have cable anymore so it’ll be tricky to get a hold of these. I’m currently catching up on True Blood, I only started watching it recently. Torchwood is the only one I will gladly pay for each and every episode of, though I’ll probably end up doing so for the others as well (I don’t bother with torrents.)

    • Hmm, Amazon doesn’t offer True Blood Season 4… Does anyone know where and how I can watch these when I finish season 3? Or am I stuck waiting for the discs or torrent?

  6. Lukester

    Pumped for Curb Your Enthusiasm; also love Louie – best summer comedy by far. And I will be tuning in for Breaking Bad, you better believe it.