Weekend Roundtable: Batman vs…

Batman sure is getting awfully cocky now that he’s gone toe-to-toe with the great and powerful Superman and stood his ground. Feeling like he’s ready to take on all comers, what other iconic movie characters should Gotham’s Dark Knight trade blows with in his next big movie?

M. Enois Duarte

I think one of the best showdowns would be Batman v. Deadpool! Imagine the awesomeness and hilarity that would ensue when the Merc with a Mouth goes mano-a-mano against the Caped Crusader! I can already imagine Wade Wilson ripping into Bruce Wayne’s getup. The Dark Knight’s fancy toys and weaponry might give him a slight edge, but in the end, the Bat would show his frustration and anger once he realizes that every cut, beat-down, chop or slash would only make the wisecracking mercenary run off his mouth some more and spew out even more smart-alecky sardonic remarks. The fight would one of the funniest and most awesome to behold on the cinema screen, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy opening weekend tickets!

Aaron Peck

I’d like to see Batman go up against John Wick. I don’t know how we’d get that fight started. Perhaps Lex Luthor could kill Wick’s new dog and blame it on Batman. Then, all-out urban warfare! I actually think this would be a pretty even fight. Maybe the nod goes to Batman because he walks around in armor, but Wick would put up a fantastic, exhaustive fight. Plus, he wouldn’t miss like all those other people who’ve tried to shoot at Batman.

Shannon Nutt

Batman vs. The World Crime League… because I’ve been waiting 30 years for Buckaroo Banzai to take care of them, and he’s obviously not all that concerned.

Luke Hickman

I’d like to see Ben Affleck’s Batman take on Bruce Willis’ John McClane. Think about it: Both are older, fed-up, take-no-prisoners types. Their personalities wouldn’t blend in the slightest. Batman’s fighting style is trained, fast clean and perfect, but McClane knows no boundaries. The guy isn’t afraid to blow stuff up, hit below the belt and throw sucker punches. If Affleck plays Bruce Wayne as seriously as he did in ‘Batman v. Superman,’ the mouthy McClane could add some welcome levity to the project. Who would win? Batman? McClane? It doesn’t matter because, either way, the audience would win.

Brian Hoss

No matter how derivative it may seem, I’d be excited to watch a Batman vs. Batman movie. Evil Batman, Owlman, Nolan Batman (Christian Bale), Snyder Batman (Ben Affleck)… what I’m looking for is two distinctly different Batman types really going at it with their varied gadgets and combat training. Heck, I’d love for Jeremy Irons’ Alfred to get destroyed by the Alfred from TV’s ‘Gotham’. All the movie needs is some alternate timeline hijinx, which the newest movie seems poised to do anyway.

Josh Zyber

If you ask me, Batman needs to get knocked down a peg or two. Of all the nearly-godlike and invulnerable superheroes in the DC Comics pantheon, how can we possibly take it seriously that the one guy who doesn’t even have any superpowers is somehow the most powerful of all?

Batman is often called the World’s Greatest Detective. (How many nicknames does he need, anyway?) I say we pit him in a battle of wits against the world’s greatest secret agent – one Mr. Bond, James Bond. Both characters are known for their abundance of clever gadgets and are backed by seemingly endless reserves of money. So that they’re physically matched, Bond will have to be the buff Daniel Craig version, of course. All in all, I’d say this seems like a pretty fair and pretty exciting fight.

The plot: Having finally defeated all of his famous foes and purged all crime from the city of Gotham, Bruce Wayne has nothing left to do and… well, he goes a little batty. He lets the power go to his head and eventually becomes exactly the sort of criminal mastermind he used to fight. When one of Evil Batman’s nefarious schemes crosses international lines, England’s MI-6 sends Bond to investigate. After all, by this point, the guy has plenty of experience handling megalomaniacal billionaire supervillains.

Coming soon to a theater near you: Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 in ‘Batfall’.

Who would you like to see Batman fight in his next movie? Tell us in the Comments.


  1. Timcharger

    Josh, it can’t be the Bale Batman versus the
    Craig Bond. They’ll never fight. They’ll both quit their
    professions at least twice before they can even faceoff.

  2. photogdave

    I was going to say Batman vs Wolverine but I could actually imagine that happening! (Like the rare Marvel/DC crossover comics from long ago.)
    How about Batman vs Mr. Blonde, Vic Vega! I bet ol’ Toothpick Vic would love to get his razor on one of those bat ears!

  3. Csm101

    Batman v Sherlock Holmes. Who’s the real detective here?
    Batman v Big Daddy and or Hitgirl
    Bale batman v Battfleck but with no fighting. They just have to insult each other in their batvoices.

  4. Elizabeth

    Batman vs. Dominic Toretto (from Fast and Furious in case someone doesn’t recognize the name). It starts off as an innocent street race between the Batman in the Tumbler (the coolest version of the Batmobile) and Dominic in his American muscle car (Dom wins the race of course). But things turn ugly when Batman learns that Dominic and his extended family are pulling off a heist in Gotham. Batman tracks down Dom’s gang and epic fist fight between Batman and The Rock will ensue while Dom fights Gotham’s new Batman wannabe Nightwing. Just as Batman gets the upper hand, Two Face and his goons arrive. Seems Dom actually robbed Two Face and he’s kind of upset. Thus Dom, The Rock, Batman and the rest of the gang will will have to join forces against Two Face. In an interesting twist it will be set in the Nolan-verse between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises and tell the true story of Harvey’s death (spoiler alert: Nightwing dies too. That’s why Batman really hung up the cape.).

    In an ode to the old Scooby-Doo cartoons where they met other characters (including Batman), there will be appearances by Shaggy, the Harlem Globetrotters, a couple of Addams Family characters and Speed Buggy. Nightwing will also own a familiar looking brown and black great dane.

  5. EM

    In my video library I have only two movies based on superhero/villain comics, both dating from the late ’60s: Batman and (Danger:‌) Diabolik. Sounds like an awesome match-up to me.

  6. Deaditelord

    The Raid 3: Gotham (Rama vs. Batman in the ultimate showdown. Make it happen Gareth Evans.)

    And some sillier ideas:

    Batman vs. The Iron Giant (The two mechanical mech suit titans square off!)
    Batman vs. Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton vs. Michael Keaton in a no holds barred fight to the death!)
    Freddy vs. Batman (Because we needed to explain the inclusion of the weird dream sequences in BvS)

  7. Bolo

    How about Batman versus Any Batman Villain Who Has Not Previously Been Portrayed in a Live Action Film? As far as the live action films go, we’re already on our third Joker, we’ve had two Catwomen in Batman films and a solo Catwoman movie, two Two-Faces, two Banes etc.

    Part of what made ‘Batman Begins’ appealing and fresh to me was seeing new villains that didn’t force a comparison against the other five portrayals of that character. James Bond didn’t endure this long by just re-telling ‘Goldfinger’ every five years. It would be nice if the studios would explore villain selection beyond the most recognizable ones.

  8. Elizabeth

    Batman v Robin. The rise of Gotham’s latest super villain, Mr. Freeze, forces Batman and Selena Kyle to return to train the next generation of heroes. Batman trains Robin while Selena tokes on a protege named Ivy. Despite all the trailers showing Batman and Robin fighting, that will all turn out to be part of the training. The true struggle is the homosexual feelings Bruce begins to feel toward Robin. First day attendees will me be given a mini movie poster with heat sensitive ink that will reveal the real title, Batman Loves Robin. Will Batman accept his feelings? Will they defeat Mr. Freeze? Find out in Part 2…

    In Part 2, we learn that Batman isn’t the only one struggling with a secret. Robin is struggling with feelings of being transgendered and begins moonlighting as the superhero, Batgirl. Batman learns of Mr. freeze’s wife and formulates a cure for her disease. Batman accepts his feelings for Robin, now Batgirl, and the two share an intimate kiss tht Selena secretly witnesses. After another fight with Freeze, Batman convinces him he has an antidote. Batman is about to deliver the cure when an explosion goes off killing Freeze’s wife. Out of the smoke, walks Catwoman and Ivy (now calling herself Poison Ivy)…stay tuned for Part 3…

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