‘Project Runway’ 9.04 Recap: “I Don’t Have a Plan B”

Finally, a somewhat normal challenge on ‘Project Runway’. While it still had a twist to it, at least it wasn’t as gimmicky as dressing a bunch of women on stilts. Last week, the designers had to create a look for judge Nina Garcia.

Nina is the fashion editor for Marie Claire magazine. Maybe it’s just because I’m a guy, but after watching this show for a few years, it’s never seemed to me that Nina actually wears any of this “fashion forward” stuff. I don’t go out of my way to catalogue what she’s wearing, but her clothes never really resemble what comes down the ‘Project Runway’ runway.

That may be why this challenge was so difficult for some. Quite a few of them had no idea what to design for Nina.

Nina even came into the workroom and then proceeded to berate the contestants for their fabrics, colors, and overall designs. She liked a few of them, but for the most part, she was pretty hard on everyone.

One designer she had a few words for was Anya, who had picked a print even though Nina specifically said that she didn’t like prints. What made it worse was the ugly mustard color. It looked like Anya was finally going to be out. Then she ended up dying the fabric, making it look pretty cool (even to my non-fashion-friendly eyes) and put out a really nice looking jumpsuit. However, controversy brewed since a few people helped out Anya with her sewing at the end. She wouldn’t have finished had other people not helped her. Is this cheating, or just people being friendly?

Kimberly was the winner of this challenge, which seemed weird to me. The bright gold top looked rather silly and didn’t look nearly as good as Anya’s finished garment. Still, Kimberly won. Nina wore her design. It was featured in the magazine and put on taxi advertisements in New York.

Julie, on the other hand, finally couldn’t escape. She’d been in the bottom every time and it finally caught up with her. Even I could tell that her dress/coat thing was horrendous and ugly. So, she’s gone. Twelve designers left.

I think that Anya and Anthony Ryan are leading the way. Will Anya’s lacking of sewing skills finally catch up to her at some time? By the way, what was up with Cecilia and her sourpuss attitude? She openly admitted that she didn’t even want to be there. My prediction is that she’s gone in the next episode.

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