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By now, I’ve made my opinions on the found-footage genre more than clear. As much as I loathe these movies, I haven’t hated one as much as ‘Project X’ until now, and I doubt that any future release will ever top this as the worst found-footage movie of all time.

Thomas is turning 17 and his prick best friend Costa has decided to have an A/V geek from school follow them around with a camera to document their unsupervised shenanigans. You see, Thomas’ birthday is also his parents’ anniversary. On this special occasion, his parents are out of town for the weekend. Under the peer pressure of Costa, along with their other nerdy friend J.B., the four (including the cameraman) try to throw the best birthday party ever in an empty Pasadena house.

Imagine a house party movie, not unlike the one in ‘Can’t Hardly Wait‘, where every single character is a complete asshole, not a single funny thing happens, and it plays out like one giant pointless and meaningless montage. That’s what you get with ‘Project X’.

The moral of the story: Do whatever it takes and suffer whatever consequences are necessary to become popular, even if it requires that someone dies and hate crimes are involved. None of that will matter because you’ll be popular. At the risk of sounding like a crotchety old man, ‘Project X’ is the type of negative reinforcement that the young kids of today do not need fueling their bad attitudes.

I don’t care about sex and nudity in movies, but it’s disturbing when content like that involves supposed-to-be teenage characters. Talk about creepy. The only line in the entire movie that made me laugh comes from a Jimmy Kimmel snippet during the end credits, which says, “I haven’t seen that much under-age nudity since R. Kelly’s last video.” Since I’ve spoiled the only funny bit in the whole movie, you no longer need to see it. Trust me, stay home.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  1. JM

    Super Reviewer Andrew Pilkington gives ‘Project X’ 4 Stars.

    “There is a moment where you just give in to the craziness, and want to party along.”

    “It’s a silly movie overall.”

    “If you want a killer Friday night movie to watch with friends…”

    “It becomes the ultimate party we all wish we could attend. Full of naked girls, booze and drugs, but mostly, teenagers partying hard.”

    “As soon as you become comfortable, it descends into chaos. Words cannot comprehend the disasters that happen in the third act.’

    “I loved it.”

    “It’s the most fun I have had in a cinema in a long long time.”

    Luke, your review turned ‘Project X’ into forbidden fruit. It made me seek out other opinions. And now it’s only my Q.

    • Here’s another critic who backs Luke up:

      “That the movie lets its hero come out of what seems an almost suicidal rage in the final throes of the party-out-of-bounds, AND shows him earning the not-begrudged-enough admiration of a parent, AND (spoiler alert, but not really) getting back into the Good Graces of the Good Girl demonstrates how bored the filmmakers are with their own trite lies, and how much they hold their audience in contempt for believing they’ll swallow such lies.”

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