‘Orphan Black’ 2.07 Recap: “I May Have Spiked His Tea”

The latest episode of ‘Orphan Black’ has a lot of fun stuff going on, the most entertaining of which involves Sarah joining Alison at the rehab center. Also, viewers are introduced to a new character who, if the actress’s history of playing evil roles is any indication, may prove to be the clones’ biggest threat in future episodes.

Sarah and Mrs. S work on getting Ethan Duncan away from his current location, but he insists that he won’t leave until they locate a certain red box. Ethan is a bit of a hoarder, so it takes a while before Sarah accidentally stumbles upon it. When the box is opened, it reveals nothing but little trinkets, none of any importance. Later, however, when Ethan leaves with Mrs. S (Sarah has been called away at this point, which we’ll get to in a second), he dumps the box’s items onto the floor and digs three floppy discs out of the bottom. “What is that?” Mrs. S asks him. “Everything,” Ethan replies.

Alison confides in Vic that she was responsible for Aynsley’s death. She then overhears Vic setting up a meeting with Detective DeAngelis and panics that Vic will reveal her secret. First, Alison and Felix have a chat with Vic that goes nowhere. He demands to talk to Sarah, so Felix has her come to the rehab center. All this happens while the center is having a “Family Day,” which includes Donnie and the kids coming for a visit. When Sarah arrives to talk to Vic, he tries to apologize to her and seems to want an apology in return. Before things turn ugly, Vic passes out and Felix confesses that he drugged the tea Vic was drinking.

This is when things really start to get crazy (and comical). Mistaking Sarah for Alison, the director of the rehab center wants her to give a presentation to the family members. While this is going on, Alison makes her way back to Felix and the passed-out Vic with the knowledge that Detective DeAngelis is on her way to talk to him. Alison and Felix (carrying Vic over his back) need to stash his body so that neither DeAngelis nor any of the other rehab visitors will find it.

Sarah manages to get through a rather uncomfortable role-playing session with Donnie (who thinks she’s Alison), while Alison and Felix manage to hide Vic. Reuniting in the same room where Sarah was chatting with Vic earlier, the three are interrupted by Donnie – who seems legitimately shocked that Alison and Sarah look alike. Viewers then learn that Donnie only thought he was involved in a sociological experiment “monitoring” Alison, and had no knowledge of the clone program.

Meanwhile at the Dyad Institute, things aren’t going well for Cosima, who finally learns that she’s being treated with stem cells from Kira’s body – which come from a baby tooth she lost during a car accident that occurred in Season 1. Cosima is furious at Delphine for not telling her about this, even though Delphine tries to explain that it’s her only medical option at this point. The stem cells have been working, but there are very few remaining. Cosima relays the information to Sarah, and Kira overhears Sarah talking about it. She ties a string to a door of the RV she and Cal have been staying in and yanks another baby tooth out and offers it to her mother.

This episode introduces us to a new player. Dr. Marion Bowles (Michelle Forbes) appears to be Dr. Leekie’s superior and plays a major role in how this episode wraps up. A meeting is set up between Rachel and her father, Ethan, with Mrs. S and Paul overseeing it to ensure that both parties are safe. We don’t hear the conversation between the two, but it’s clear that Ethan has a chance to relay the information to his daughter that Leekie was responsible for both Rachel’s mother’s death (in a fire) and the separation of Rachel from her father.

Returning to the Dyad Institute, Rachel has a meeting with Leekie. She gets a phone call from Bowles in which it becomes obvious (both to viewers and to Leekie, whom Rachel allows to listen to the conversation) that Bowles has given the order to have Leekie killed. However, Rachel shows compassion and tells Leekie to disappear instead. He thanks her and quickly exits the building.

Outside, Leekie confronts a very upset Donnie, who points a gun at him and demands that he get in the car. While Donnie expresses how upset he is that he was lied to about Alison, he slams his hand down on the steering wheel, causing the gun to go off, and blowing Leekie’s head off (very ‘Pulp Fiction’ style). Well, at least Donnie has something in common with his wife now. (They’ve both been responsible for a death.)

For the first time, I really got the sense that Cosima may be killed off by season’s end. She was my favorite character in Season 1, but virtually all of her storyline in Season 2 seems to deal with her illness, so I won’t be surprised if the writers off her character. (After all, it’s not like the show would lose an actress.) It’s a shame to see Matt Frewer leave the series, but I’m sure that Michelle Forbes will offer more than enough villainy to make up for his absence.

Finally, viewers saw nothing of Helena this week. I’m sure that we’ll catch up with her story in the next episode.

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