Movie Madness: Voldemort vs. Maximus

Even though Hannibal Lecter may be cinema’s most loved/hated villain, the quick-witted Indiana Jones was able to escape becoming Lecter’s next meal in Monday’s Movie Madness battle. Today’s matchup will determine who goes up against John McClane in the DVD Bracket. The most evil sorcerer in all the land, Voldemort, takes up his wand against gladiator Maximus.

Guns normally defeat swords, as we’ve found out quite a few times in this tournament. But magic is a completely different proposition. Voldemort wields dark magic like a plaything. Killing people with curses? That’s no biggie for the snake-like sorcerer. With Harry Potter out of the picture, can anyone stop him?

Voldemort – His road to this point hasn’t been an easy one. Sure, he’s got the backing of dark, evil magic, but he’s had to battle his way through two of cinema’s most memorable characters. In the first round, he dispatched drug kingpin Tony Montana. In the second, he had to go toe-to-toe with boxing legend Rocky Balboa. His magic has carried him through this far, but going through those two cinematic heavyweights was quite the feat.

Secret Weapon: The most powerful wand in the world! Voldemort has finally procured the Elder Wand. Like he really needed the extra power… Nevertheless, he’s got it. You saw that giant stream of evil he shot into the sky at the end of ‘Deathly Hallows: Part 1’? Does Maximus really stand a chance against something like that?

Maximus – He proved to be the exception to the guns versus swords rule. He took out gun-toting Tallahassee in the first round even though the weapons of their respective time periods obviously favored Tallahassee. Then, Maximus somehow found a way to defeat a practically invincible cartoon. Squish him, stab him, shoot him, it doesn’t matter; Judge Doom had one weakness, the Dip, and Maximus clearly didn’t have access to it at all. Yet he won.

Secret Weapon: If anyone in this tournament has found a way to defy the odds, it’s Maximus. Yes, they’re stacked against him once again in this battle of magic versus might, but if he found a way past opponents who clearly had tactical advantages, who’s to say he can’t pull another win out from nowhere?

Voldemort vs. Maximus

  • Voldemort (64%, 65 Votes)
  • Maximus (36%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 102

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  1. Voldermort should win this one hands down. ONLY Harry was able to stand up to him, and that is because of a technicallity, that his mom died to protect him. Harry had no powers of his own, just protection. But no one else was able to stand up to Voldemort. No competition.

    • Sorry, William, but I had to edit your spoiler. Even with the warning, it was basically impossible not to read it. Since the final movie hasn’t come out yet, let’s not ruin it for people who don’t read the books.

      • Understood. I thought there was a spoiler tag, but I couldn’t remember the coding. Would be nice if the blog had editing capabilities like the forums do (hint hint)

    • RBBrittain

      I will put it this way to avoid spoilers: Voldemort will make the final four; but the winner of the VHS Bracket (Batman or Alice), despite being a muggle, will have acquired the one thing Harry had that caused Voldemort’s final killing spell to backfire. (And no, I’m not talking about Harry’s mom’s sacrifice.) 😉

  2. Aaron Peck

    I think Voldemort wins this one easily. Even though Maximus is one of the most macho muggles around he’s still a muggle, and Voldemort eats muggles for breakfast… Well, his snake does, but Voldemort kills them first.

  3. Maximus.

    my reasoning: it’s been obvious that Voldemort would at least be in the finals, and any chance to knock him out makes this tournament interesting again. too powerful versus everyone else, even if a trio of horrible actors are his downfall.

  4. if this was a contest for overrated gladiator style films, then maxi-pads would win hands down.

    But in a head-to-head. this is a muggle slaughter.