March Movie Madness: Horrible vs. Stark – Goeth vs. Wolverine

On Monday, we saw a close race between movie icon Rocky Balboa and good-guy superhero Mr. Incredible. Mr. Incredible mounted a comeback late into the night, getting within one vote of tying with Rocky, but in the end, Rocky pulled out a victory. I have to admit that the other matchup really surprised me. Heath Ledger’s Joker won by a sizable number of votes over Captain James T. Kirk. I thought that maybe the ‘Star Trek’ fans would rally, but Joker’s evilness seemed to triumph. Today, we’ll head on over to the HD DVD and Blu-ray brackets.

I couldn’t have planned this matchup any better – two mad scientists trying to outwit each other in a battle of brains. One of them is kind of a douchebag, who invented an amazing metal suit. The other is an evil genius who’ll do anything to get into the Evil League of Evil. As far as I’m concerned, this is anyone’s game.

Dr. Horrible – So what if he’s an evil genius working out of his cramped apartment? The guy has plans to take over the city, defeat his arch enemy, and finally get accepted into the Evil League of Evil.

Strengths: He’s an inventor. Some of his stuff doesn’t work all that well, but he’s able to make a van drive by itself and a functional freeze ray. Imagine if he was able to get one of those vehicle controllers onto the Iron Man suit. He’s also a dynamite singer.

Weaknesses: His warm, gooey heart. All that lovey-dovey crap could become a hindrance in the heat of battle.

Tony Stark – Spoiler! He’s also Iron Man. We’re talking about the scientist here, although the Iron Man persona does come into play because he invented the suit. He’s the world’s best-looking super scientist with an ego the size of Obadiah Stane’s shiny, bald head.

Strengths: He’s smart enough to make a war machine suit out of spare parts in a terrorist cave. Oh, and did I mention that he also made a tiny arc reactor to power his body?

Weaknesses: He’s an international playboy, and as such he’s much more apt to be drunk or incapacitated when he’s needed on the battlefield.

Dr. Horrible vs. Tony Stark

  • Tony Stark (68%, 104 Votes)
  • Dr. Horrible (32%, 48 Votes)

Total Voters: 152

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This matchup may be already decided. Wolverine has an adamantium skeleton while Amon Goeth is an ordinary Nazi who finds it extremely soothing to shoot prisoners before breakfast. Still, never underestimate pure evil.

Amon Goeth – One of the most evil characters ever depicted on film, Goeth rules over Kraków-Plaszów concentration camp with a wicked fist. Never has there been a character who shows such utter disdain for human life. He’s seen shooting Jews from his window simply because he seems bored.

Strengths: Pure Nazi-bred evil coursing through his black veins. That could make him capable of some crazy things.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t have any superpowers, unlike his superior opponent.

Wolverine – His steely blades signify walking death to anyone who crosses him. Even though Professor Xavier was able to corral him, his anger still gets the best of him from time to time.

Strengths: Fast healing, seeming immortality, adamantium skeleton, blades produced from his hands, and super smelling – dude’s got it all. He’s going to be hard to beat in this tournament.

Weaknesses: His metal skeleton can be used against him, but a giant magnet is needed.

Amon Goeth vs. Wolverine

  • Wolverine (84%, 125 Votes)
  • Amon Goeth (16%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 149

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  1. HuskerGuy

    Pained me to do it, but I had to go Stark. I could see it being a close fight though.

    Wolvie – no contest.

    • HuskerGuy

      I think the momentary success of his freeze ray and presumed increase in badass-ness and wealth stemming from his entrance into the Evil League of Evil is going a long way.

    • RBBrittain

      I agree. Nobody with a “sing-along blog” who just barely got into the Evil League of Evil would have a chance against Tony Stark.

  2. Anthony

    Stark- no contest
    Goeth because he can shoot adamantium bullets into his skull from his window faster than Wolvie can leap onto a CGI helicopter on X-men Origins.

    • RBBrittain

      What makes you think Goeth can get ahold of adamantium bullets? If the Nazis had those, they could have easily shot all the Jews in the Krakow ghetto while they were sleeping–don’t need no stinkin’ concentration camps.

      • believe it or not, Nazis had access to regular bullets.

        another believe it or not, Jews can be killed with regular bullets. we’re not superheroes.

        your post confuses me, like the adamantium would suddenly be the kicker.

        • RBBrittain

          Try reading the post I was replying to; he said Goeth could kill Wolverine with adamantium bullets. As I said in my main comment, regular bullets would only make Wolvie mad enough to slice & dice Goeth.

          My comparison was to point out that IF Goeth had adamantium bullets, he could have taken an even more deadly approach to clearing the Krakow ghetto than the one he used–just bring down the ghetto (buildings and all) in a hail of adamantium bullets. Since we all know it didn’t happen quite that way (though it was bad enough), Goeth having adamantium bullets to take out Wolverine would be preposterous.

    • RBBrittain

      Agree on the selections, but not your choice of comic-book companies. Personally, I always liked DC better than Marvel; but in these matchups, the Marvel characters are better.

  3. I got a strange feeling that we won’t even be out of the first bracket before the month is over! :-p Got a feeling that March Movie Madness is going to become Spring Movie Madness!

  4. RBBrittain

    Dr. Horrible’s inventions often don’t work; Tony Stark’s do (sometimes TOO well). Iron Man wins easily.

    If this were a psychological battle instead of a “tournament o’death”, Goeth might win. As it is, if Goeth were to fire a random bullet at Wolverine (for fairness, let’s say in a mutant concentration camp), that would only injure him JUST enough to turn him into an adamantium-bladed Cuisinart. Wolvie FTW.

  5. Ivan Gomez

    It is easy this week, Tony morony and wolvie the movie money maker… Just make sure Goeth dont put a bullet in Logan¨s head so we dont have to suffer through another lost my memory but came back being the same movie.