Movie Madness: Boba Fett vs. Indiana Jones

We’re down to the last eight characters in Movie Madness, and every single one of them is a big name badass in cinema. We’ve got one dark sorcerer, one terrorist killer, one zombie-slaying babe, two hardened comic book heroes, two ‘Star Wars’ veterans, and one whip-wielding artifact hunter. Someone in that group is our champion, but who?

Boba Fett doesn’t get any rest after taking down crazy Jack Torrance. Now he’s finally facing someone who is possibly more popular than he is. Indiana Jones may be at a disadvantage with only his whip and wit against a blaster and jetpack, but somehow I don’t think so.

Boba Fett – He easily took care of the insane Jack Torrance last round, but has to take on Indiana Jones right here, right now. He’s coasted along on the good-will he’s garnered from fans, without actually doing much of anything in the ‘Star Wars’ movies. However, if this turns into a popularity contest, it would seem that Indiana Jones may have the upper hand.



Indiana Jones – Looking back through the past rounds, I think that Indy has had the hardest road out of any of the other characters. Each round, he’s been overmatched by his opponent’s guns or special powers, but has found ways to take care of gun-toting Jules Winnfield, super-strong Wolverine, and pure liver-eating evil Hannibal Lecter.

Final Word: It’s time to make the tough choices now. Jones and Fett are two of the most memorable characters in cinema. While Fett may be armed with otherworldly weaponry, Jones has shown that he has the ability to take on opponents much stronger than himself and come out victorious. Truthfully, I think Jones has the upper hand in this battle even though Boba Fett may appear to have an advantage.

Boba Fett vs. Indiana Jones

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  1. WTF? Its tied right now? Seriously, Fett gets killed by a monster with no moving parts due to a malfunctioning jet pack. Jones gets out of everything. Who the heck is voting for Fett?

    • RBBrittain

      Ditto. Besides, as Indy he can flip the ol’ jet-pack lever from afar with his whip.

  2. Boba Fett has, what, maybe 5 minutes of screen time over 2 movies? First, he’s Darth Vader’s whipping boy; then he’s an afternoon snack for the Sarlacc. Why and how he’s thought so “highly” of, I’ll never know.

  3. The only way Boba Fett wins this is if he’s fighting that wimpy 10-year-old Indy (the Corey Carrier version)…and then just barely. 🙂