Movie Madness: Alice vs. Morpheus – Stark vs. Krueger

Using every bit of star power he could muster, Indiana Jones moved on to the next Movie Madness round by defeating Wolverine. Apparently, he must have found a really big magnet somewhere to thwart Wolvie’s plans. In the other match, super-spy Jason Bourne easily bested V to work his way into the Cinematic Sixteen. Today’s matchups are a couple of doozies. The opening battle features zombie killer Alice facing off against Matrix-bound Morpheus (who I was surprised moved into the second round). Across the way in the HD DVD bracket, we have horror mainstay Freddy Krueger going up against playboy rocket scientist Tony Stark.

The women of the tournament have made a good showing. Sure, the percentages are against them from the outset, but three of them ended up moving into the second round. Morpheus has his work cut out for him if he plans on movie forward.

Alice – One of those three kick-ass babes (well, only two of the three women can be considered “babes” – sorry, Annie Wilkes) is Alice. In the first round, she went neck and neck against Léon until a tie-breaker decided the fate of that match. Here, Alice takes her ultimate fighting skills up against Morpheus.

Tools of the Trade: We covered the fact that later versions of Alice have superpowers like telekinesis. She’s also a master of weaponry. Anything with a blade or a bullet, she knows how to handle with deadly precision. She’s fast, nimble, and acrobatic. That’s a tough matchup for anyone.

Morpheus – I was surprised that Morpheus was able to move on against Kahm. I thought for sure that Kahm would take that battle. Somehow Morpheus, was able to power through the first round and find himself here – battling for a chance to move onto the Cinematic Sixteen against one of the roughest, toughest female characters in this tournament.

Tools of the Trade: No, his neat-o sunglasses don’t count as tools – although wearing them indoors like he does certainly turns him into a tool. Morpheus is able to bend the Matrix to his will, but that’s the problem. He has to be in the Matrix to actually cause anyone any damage. Outside of the Matrix, he’s a slovenly Laurence Fishburne. Still, inside the Matrix he’s damn near unbeatable.

Alice vs. Morpheus

  • Alice (60%, 77 Votes)
  • Morpheus (40%, 51 Votes)

Total Voters: 128

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In probably the saddest first round for me, Tony Stark made it past the loveable evil super genius Dr. Horrible. I was rooting for Horrible all the way. Alas, Mr. Stark proved to be too much for him. Now Stark faces a new, much scarier threat in Freddy Krueger.

Tony Stark – I guess my fanboyism for Dr. Horrible clouded my vision. Stark really is the stronger of the two, especially when he dawns the Iron Man suit. However, he’s got a completely different challenge. How does he fight Krueger?

Tools of the Trade: Stark’s mind is his most valuable asset. It’s completely within the realm of possibility that Stark could invent some kind of machine that would allow him to consciously fight Freddy Krueger with his Iron Man suit in the dream world. It’s also possible that said imaginary machine could draw Krueger out of the dream world and into the real world where Stark could shoot a few missiles at him and ka-blam-o!

Freddy Krueger – He took out the Transporter Frank Martin in his first match, but now he’s going up against a man with near superhuman inventing ability. That, and Tony Stark knows how to party. Does the man even sleep?

Tools of the Trade: Freddy’s got his trademark glove with Wolverine like blades, and the ability to get into your dreams. Can those two things combine to take out Tony Stark, or will Stark’s wits prove too much for the nightmare from Elm Street?

Freddy Krueger vs. Tony Stark

  • Tony Stark (65%, 86 Votes)
  • Freddy Krueger (35%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 132

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    • I voted for Freddy because he’s got some supernatural capablities. Stark is just a rich guy in a suit. 🙂

      Then again, so is Batman, which makes you wonder how HE got this far too. 🙂

      • RBBrittain

        I disagree as to who wins, but neither Stark’s previous opponent (Dr. Horrible) nor Batman’s (other Batmen, then Buzz Lightyear) had supernatural powers either. Horrible is a not-so-rich guy with no suit and malfunctioning rayguns; Buzz is a not-so-rich toy with a non-functioning suit. Both were pushovers for Stark & Batman. 😉

        • RBBrittain

          Correction: Horrible did get a suit when he finally joined the Evil League of Evil–but it’s also non-functional.

  1. Alex

    I’m assuming that Tony Stark’s genius works even on a sub-conscious level. I can just imagine him dreaming up awesome weapons to use on Freddy while asleep, enough to send that wise-cracking cutlery salesman packing.

    Also voted for Alice. Pretty sure she’d be awesome against Morpheus in or out of the Matrix.

    • Yes, but wouldn’t Freddy just wait for Stark to go on another one of his benders, pass out in an alcoholic daze, and then go to work on him? 🙂

    • RBBrittain

      I agree with you on both counts. If anything, Tony should be able to keep himself awake and force Freddy into the real world, where he’d be no match for Iron Man. And Alice’s telekinesis should bend the Matrix at least as well as Morpheus even before she knows what it is; once she finds out, she can beat him.

      • But what if Morpheus fights Alice INSIDE of the Matrix? If that is the case, Morpheus has the advantage. Pretty sure Alice doesn’t live in Zion, so that would mean she is still plugged in. And if she is still plugged in, Morpeus doesn’t even have to fight her, just go to the breeding grounds and pull her plug.

  2. and now stark is beating freddy kruger!??!?!

    You’ve…got…to be…kidding me.

    If the voters of these polls were allowed to write scripts, there would be a historically unprecedented amount of dues ex machina going on.

    Even if Stark changed his name to Nancy he would be dead meat.

  3. Stark’s got too many issues that affect him in the daylight. Krueger in Stark’s head, where he is most vulnerable, would kill him with his own machinations. I’d even vote for Groundskeeper Willie in the Elm Street Simpson’s Halloween parody over Stark.