Movie Madness: Alice vs. Batman

The Dark Lord of the Sith reminded us once again how powerful he really is by defeating Tony Stark/Iron Man in the last Movie Madness matchup on Friday. I thought Stark could have actually brought down Vader if the right situation presented itself, but apparently even he can’t take on the Force. Today we decide who the final member of the Final Four will be, as Alice and Batman battle in a showdown for the ages.

Can Alice be the only woman who reaches the final four, or will her unlikely run through this tournament end today? Alice and Batman seem pretty evenly matched, really. Alice has her superpowers and her innate killer instinct, while Batman has hardcore martial arts training, a lot of fancy gadgets, and a loyal fan base.

Alice – She’s been my favorite story of the tournament. Alice barely made it out of the first round by tying with Léon. After that, I think we all realized that she really is a formidable foe. She’s definitely the strongest female character in the tournament, and has shown her ability to kick some serious butt. After Léon, she took out Morpheus and Blade. Those weren’t easy opponents to dispatch. Now Alice faces her biggest test. Can she take out Batman? Or will Batman’s popularity prove too much of an obstacle?


Batman – He took out Han Solo. Han Solo! When I started this tournament and Han Solo ended up in a different bracket than Indiana Jones, I was sure we’d end up with two Harrsion Ford characters in the Final Four. Then it happened. Batman knocked off Solo and moved on without looking back. His win made sense to me. Batman has fighting skills that Solo simply doesn’t, and the majority of you readers thought likewise.

Final Word: Speaking of skills, while it was true that Batman had more than Solo, does he have more than Alice? They’re both hardened veterans when it comes to fighting, but in the killing department Alice has a decisive edge. Batman usually tries to keep his foes alive at all costs, while Alice blows holes clean through their skulls without thinking twice. We’ve also talked about how Alice procured superpowers like telekinesis later on in the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise, and we have to assume that she’ll be using those powers in this tournament. Truthfully, my gut says that Alice has an edge, but my brain says that Batman has too strong of a loyal fan base to let him lose.

Alice vs. Batman

  • Batman (77%, 89 Votes)
  • Alice (23%, 27 Votes)

Total Voters: 116

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  1. vihdeeohfieuhl

    It is with a heavy heart that I vote for Batman. While I actually believe that Alice could probably kill him, I simply can’t allow a female videogame heroine to make the final four. I’ve voted for Alice in each of the last three rounds, but we can’t have a petite female crashing our main event. The final four is legend territory. Batman should dominate this matchup.

    • vihdeeohfieuhl

      Notice I said she *COULD* probably kill him. I said this assuming that Batman would probably *LET* her kill him if faced with the choice of killing her or being killed.

      You pissed him off enough with your feminine statements about his “booty” and her kicking it, that he has now said, “Fuck it!” He will now annihilate her.

  2. Aaron Peck

    I’m not afraid to admit I personally voted for Alice. She’d kick Batman’s booty and leave a slug in his skull for good measure.

    • vihdeeohfieuhl

      You’re completely wrong, and you should be ashamed!

      You’re getting way ahead of yourself.

      Just think about some of the completely forgettable, moronic, nobody’s that have almost killed Alice throughout the Resident Evil series. With Batman, you better be damned well prepared, and be one of the top criminal masterminds/villains of all time, or you’re not even going to be as annoying as a fly to him.

      You always talk about how Alice will blow holes through people’s skulls without thinking twice, how she has telekinesis, how she will kill, while Batman will not. Batman would be prepared for all of that. Telekinesis isn’t going to do her one bit of good. None of those bullets that she fires at Batman are going to hit anything other than air. If she tries to engage in stand up hand to hand combat with him she’s going to get het puny petite ass brutalized. Batman is a tough son-of-a-bitch! Just look at those training sequences in Batman begins! He’s the size of a grizzly bear! He’s going to kick the shit out of her if she dares to get close to him. If not, he will out think her and cerebrally beat the shit out of her.

      • I must agree. Although Batman would probably try to take her in at first, and only after she really pisses Batman off, and does something stupid, will she end up dead – probably from her own demise.

        I mean, look at the villans Batman has fought, then look at the people Alice has fought. Batman is a lot better prepared going into this fight. If Batman can whip people like Scarecrow, than Alice really doesn’t stand a chance.

    • vihdeeohfieuhl

      One more thing. All of those skulls that she blows holes through are the skulls of mindless zombies. They can’t prepare. They can’t plot. They can’t plan. They can’t mount a defense. Shit, they can’t even THINK!

      You really think Batman is just going to walk up to her with his arms out and let himself get shot?

    • JoeRo

      I’m with Aaron on this one. As much as I prefer Bats as a character Alice was made to be a killing machine, and she’s a pretty efficient one.

      Sorry chums, but Alice would wipe the floor with the caped crusader.

  3. Batman took down Superman in “The Dark Knight Returns”… and had plans on how to take down the rest of the JLA should they ever go rogue in the JLA series by Grant Morrison…. Alice was good, Batman would find a way to be better…

  4. I voted Alice. If we’re talking just the movies (And specifically Bale Batman, in this case) Alice has faced far more vicious, numerous and formidable foes, and won out.

    It’s a shame to see Alice beaten by a grumpy-voiced spoilt rich guy playing vigilante in a dodgy fetish outfit… But let’s face it, whatever incarnation he took, the Bat was going to make it a long way…

    • Nagara

      Batman keeps beating the crap out of people while holding back because of his no kill policy. If he’s off the leash and kill happy, Alice has no chance at all.