Monster Madness: Orochi vs. Gorgo – Bat Gremlin vs. The Tingler

We had a couple blowouts in the last Monster Madness match-up. The Critters chomped down on C.H.U.D. while the Giant Ants were no match for a rampaging Queen Xenomorph. Today, we’ll see if eight heads are truly better than one, and what happens when a Bat Gremlin meets a Tingler.

Poor Gorgo only has one head to go up against Orochi’s eight heads of dragon doom. I think I have an idea which way this match-up will fall, but just to humor everyone, let’s take it step by step.

Orochi – There are monsters, and then there are eight-headed monstrosities that nightmares have nightmares about. Orochi has eight heads of terror swinging around atop a gargantuan body of death and destruction. Mess with Orochi and you’ll get exactly what you came for – if what you came for was your imminent obliteration.

Strengths: Well, he has eight heads and eight tails, and is large enough to practically demolish anything he touches. So, think of everything terrible and then multiply the outcome by eight. That’s the extent of Orochi’s power.

Weaknesses: He must get confused a lot with all those heads. Also, according to a tale, Gorgo was defeated when some people got him drunk on sake and then chopped him up when he was inebriated. He can’t hold his liquor, apparently.

Gorgo – It’s not easy being green or original, as is the case with Gorgo. Britain’s answer to Godzilla looked… umm… exactly like Godzilla. Only this time, the terrifying lizard terrorized the British instead of the Japanese.

Strengths: Destruction, carnage… you know, all the things that come with being a large angry lizard plucked from the sea to be a circus attraction. Oh, and he can breathe fireballs. Just in case his rampagy lizard parts weren’t enough.

Weaknesses: He can be beaten back with bombs and military attacks, but never fully defeated…

Orochi vs. Gorgo

  • Orochi (79%, 79 Votes)
  • Gorgo (21%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 100

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Those Gremlins are nasty things. One taste of handy bat DNA, and they grow wings and turn into menacing creatures of the night. But what will happen when a Bat Gremlin faces the Tingler? Haven’t you always asked yourself that question? What do you mean, no? Well, screw it! We’re going to answer it anyway.

Bat Gremlin – With the help of some bat DNA, a regular old Gremlin transformed into the Bat Gremlin, a screeching menace sent to torment anyone who angers him.

Strengths: He can fly and, like all Gremlins, he will cause havoc wherever he goes.

Weaknesses: Can be nabbed out of the air easily. Also, cement.



The Tingler – This large parasite feeds on fear. It attaches itself to a host and sucks the life out of it.

Strengths: Once attached, it will pretty much have its way with you.

Weaknesses: It isn’t as mobile as many of the other monsters, especially the Bat Gremlin. How would it even get attached to him?


Bat Gremlin vs. Tingler

  • Bat Gremlin (79%, 77 Votes)
  • The Tingler (21%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 97

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  1. EM

    A scream can vanquish the Tingler. (What an odd weakness to omit!) I know Gremlins cackle, Gremlins curse, Gremlins sing—but can Gremlins scream?