Monster Madness: Balrog vs. The Mist Walker – Darkness vs. Predator

We had a couple bloodbaths in the last Monster Madness match-up. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Neither Chucky nor the Tire bleed. So, that contest simply ended with what smelled like burning rubber. The other battle saw Godzilla easily take out Cloverfield. The classics usually outlast the newbies.

One mythical demon beast takes on a mysterious government experiment gone wrong. Honestly, I have no idea which monster comes out ahead in this match. The enigma of the Mist Walker is intriguing, while the Balrog is simply a badass beast.

Mist Walker – It’s all in the mystery. We can surmise what the Mist Walker is capable of, but there’s no way to know for sure. It’s huge and certainly able to hold its own among a countless army of killer creatures. Beyond that, we really have no idea what it could do in a battle against another foe.

Tools of the Trade: Besides its immense size, everything else is shrouded in mist-ery. (Puns!)



Balrog – I still think this is one of the coolest monsters in the tournament. Seeing the Balrog appear in ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ is one of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ triliogy’s many highlights. To top it all off, we know exactly what the Balrog is capable of. It took magic from a powerful wizard to bring it to its knees. That’s asking a lot from the Mist Walker.

Tools of the Trade: That fiery whip of death looks pretty menacing.


Balrog vs. Mist Walker

  • Balrog (73%, 65 Votes)
  • Mist Walker (27%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 89

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Here’s another battle that feels like it could go either way. Like the Balrog, Darkness has a supernatural, straight-from-Hell vibe going on. It’s kind of hard to fight something like that, right? I mean, how do you kill the Devil? On the other hand, if there was a way to kill the Devil, I’m sure that the Predator would figure it out, being the universe’s greatest hunter and all.

Darkness – Born in the pits of Hell, he is the Lord of Darkness himself. That’s a pretty big mantel to hold, but he does it well.

Tools of the Trade: Uh, he’s the Devil. He can pretty much do anything he wants, so long as it’s evil.



Predator – He might not have been born in Hell, but the Predator is still a formidable foe for anyone. He’s hunted and killed the most dangerous game in the universe. When you hunt Xenomorphs for sport, you’re pretty badass.

Tools of the Trade: Cloaking capabilities, shoulder-mounted death missiles and all manner of space-age weaponry. If the Devil can be killed by conventional means, then I’m sure that the Predator will find a way.


Darkness vs. Predator

  • Predator (65%, 56 Votes)
  • Darkness (35%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 86

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  1. Alex

    If we take as objective reality the hypothesis of scores of video games – that conventional, or at least corporeal weaponry can kill any and every mythological being (I cite as examples Doom, Diablo, Painkiller, Castlevania, I could go on…), then I would say that Tim Curry is, to quote Bender Bending Rodriguez, “boned.”