New ‘Lost’ Scene Surfaces at Comic-Con – Explains Everything

You thought that ‘Lost’ was over and done with just because the show aired its final episode? Well, it is. However, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse made an appearance at Comic-Con on Friday to host a “Lost: One Year Later” panel and reveal a new “deleted” scene that should once and for all silence the accusations that they made the show’s plot up as they went along.

Here is the scene, which allegedly takes place during the Season 1 finale, and demonstrates that the writers were planning ahead for the next five years.

I’ve got to say, I am totally convinced.

Entertainment Weekly later sat down with Lindelof and Cuse to talk about the creation of the scene, their Twitter feud, and Cuse’s plans for a ‘Lost: Turn Off the Island’ musical. Unfortunately, the video can’t be embedded here, so you’ll have to jump over to this page to watch it.

The Hitfix blog has a summary of the whole panel. It should come as no surprise that the producers are still refusing to answer any questions about unresolved plot points in the show. However, as someone who didn’t hate the series finale, I think it’s interesting to hear Cuse and Lindelof talk about how the negative reaction to it affected them.

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  1. That cannot possibly be real. Within the feel of that series, Especially the first season that would have been completely alien and even more weird than the series already was. That had to be a joke that they created after the fact when everybody was giving them crap about not having a plan, and even more likely after the final episode had aired and everybody was whining about the final reveal.

    I call shenanigans.

  2. motorheadache

    Now THAT was really funny. Not only did I dislike the final episode, I just wasn’t a fan of the final season overall. But I’m not bitter about it or anything, so I can appreciate the joke they’re making.

  3. Luke Hickman

    I was a die-hard Lost fan. Loved it all – including the more-than-fitting finale. This “deleted” scene is hilarious. I love their senses of humor. They are able to poke fun at themselves via the hateful feedback they received from viewers. I love these guys.

  4. What a great, great clip. So perfect. So succinct. And so stinking funny. Kudos.

    “When he opens that hatch and finds that Scottish guy down there pushing a button, he’s going to be PISSED.”

    Great stuff.

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