The Breakfast Club

Leaving the Stream: Week of October 17th, 2010

No matter what your fancy, there’s something leaving the stream this week that you need to get to. Whether you dig great music, talking cars, or bittersweet movies about high school, you’re going to want to jump on Netflix and watch these ASAP.

Shine a Light (10/23)

While it may pale in comparison to ‘The Last Waltz,’ Martin Scorsese’s feature on the Rolling Stones is a must for fans. ‘Shine a Light‘ captures the Stones on stage and off, showcasing their talent and influence. It features performances by Jack White, Buddy Guy and Christina Aguilera playing and singing right alongside the band. If you’re looking for an in-depth look at the band, this isn’t going to satisfy, but as a concert film it does quite nicely. (Blu-ray review)

Knight Rider: The Original Series (10/24)

I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever watched an episode of ‘Knight Rider.’ It ended its television run when I was four, and I’ve never had a lot of interest in that style of show, but somehow it got into my consciousness. If you haven’t had a chance with the show, you don’t have long to rail through all four seasons. Established fans can make use of this week by replaying some of their favorites.

The Breakfast Club (10/22)

Out of all the amazing films that John Hughes made in his time – including ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ and ‘Uncle Buck’ – the one he’s most commonly associated with is still ‘The Breakfast Club.’ The film’s 25 years old, but both the comedy and the serious issues it tackle are timeless. It’s a great way to relive those moments from high school, both the good and the bad, but with the guarantee of a generally happy ending. (Blu-ray review)

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  1. On my que, for like the first time ever, I have nothing either leaving or coming into my que.

    Just a note, the big news this week was the PS3 getting 1080 i/p Netflix without a disc. Turns out the Wii also has a new Netflix channel you can download so you can view without the disc!

    For the most part, I like the new PS3 app, but have one minor annoyance with it, and I don’t know where to complain about it. In the past, you could easily see which movies and shows were in HD when browsing titles. Now, I have to actually select a title to get more info before I can see if its HD or not. 🙁

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