Leaving The Stream: Week of January 31st, 2011

There’s almost nothing leaving the Netflix stream this week. I’ll call that an even trade considering the complete lack of videogame releases. We don’t get new games, but at least we don’t lose much from our Netflix. Still, there are a couple of movies that are well worth checking out before they disappear.

A League of Their Own (2/4)

I’ll put this out there right off the bat. I just plain don’t like Tom Hanks. I find him irritating and unlikeable in almost every movie he’s in, though for some reason we he sports an accent he becomes watchable. It’s like the opposite of Adam Sandler, who I enjoy unless he’s doing one of his wacky voices.

A League of Their Own‘ is a strange exception to my Tom Hanks rule, and to several of my other assumptions as well. It stars Rosie O’Donnell, Tom Hanks and Mandonna, but I still like it. A lot. It’s a classic sports comedy and a sweet story to boot.

Year One (2/5)

Critics seemed to agree on ‘Year One‘, but since when does a consensus of critics mean something isn’t enjoyable? ‘Year One’ isn’t a great movie, and the argument could be made that it doesn’t even qualify as good, but I just plain don’t care.

‘Year One’ is a blast, and it’s a great vehicle to showcase some of my favorite comedians and comedic actors. Michael Cera, Oliver Platt, David Cross, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Paul Rudd, Paul Scheer, Matt Besser and Bill Hader – they’re all squeezed into one movie that’s worth checking out. (Read Blu-ray review.)

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  1. DP

    I’d like to see posts about movies/shows coming to the stream. I know there are websites available to tell you that, but I’d like some insight on titles I may not be aware of.

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