‘The Killing’ 1.09 Recap: “It’ll Be Over Tonight”

‘The Killing’ has finally come into its own. This week’s episode is one of the best yet, because it has completely turned the entire investigation on its head. Boy, that beating was brutal, wasn’t it?

Misinformation and misunderstandings are the headliners in the ninth episode, ‘Undertow’. Mitch Larsen is going nuts as she laments the fact that Bennett is still free and hasn’t been arrested for Rosie’s murder. She doesn’t take into account that Bennett may indeed be innocent, and instead begs Stan to finally take matters into his own hands, literally.

Holder and Linden really should have cut off all unnecessary contact with the Larsen family. The Larsens have shown throughout the entire season that they’ve been of absolutely no help to the investigation. All they’ve done is hinder it. I can see why Linden said that it will “be over tonight,” because she was moved by Mitch’s grieving. She shouldn’t have said anything. Just let it go. Don’t talk to her. She’s crazy! But, Linden does talk to her, and winds up pushing her over the edge. When Mitch sees Bennett at the school and finds out that he wasn’t arrested, she tells Stan that he should have killed Bennett when he had the chance.

The election process seems to be the stone that’s dragging down this season. Everything about the investigation is intense and must-watch material, but when the show switches to the mudslinging campaign of Richmond and the mayor, I find myself tuning out. This episode is especially corny, with Richmond going to the spoiled rich guy and having to make a basketball shot for $5 million.

I was glad that the episode comes back around and explains the disappearance of the girl from the mosque, even though it ends up being another red herring for Holder and Linden to chase. They can’t catch a break, but we finally find out that Bennett had nothing to do with Rosie’s disappearance. Now what? Seems like they’re back at Square One.

Other Random Thoughts
  • Is anyone else terrified of Royce, Larsen’s lackey? Did you see him in the background punching a rock while Stan was beating the crap out of Bennett? That was freaking twisted and unnerving.
  • No one seems to be coming out ahead in this show other than the corrupt mayor. Yup, seems pretty true to the real world.
  • For $5 million, that shot should have been more difficult. Richmond basically shot from the free throw line.


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