‘The Killing’ 1.05 Recap: “They Don’t Care About Us Anymore”

Sheesh! It really is always raining on ‘The Killing’, isn’t it? This week’s episode is another water-drenched walk through political intrigue, family grief, and what could end up being a pretty perverted school teacher.

So, Bennett claims that his notes to Rosie were purely one teacher trying to connect with his student. I bought that for about half a second until we found out that Bennett is married to one of his former students. Methinks this guy isn’t letting on as much as he knows. It’s a little bit annoying that he just barely thinks to give the police the movie that Rosie made during her time away from school. Didn’t think that was pertinent information, Bennett? Or was he holding on to it for other reasons? Perhaps as a way to remember something Rosie meant to him?

All these lies from Bennett certainly have the spotlight shining brightly on him. Linden and Holder go to inspect Bennett’s house and find his wife, who was once upon a time a student of his. Linden finds chemicals in a room being prepared for a new baby. These turn out to be the same chemicals found in abundance on Rosie’s body. The plot thickens.

The episode starts with a rather touching, and at the same time heart-wrenching, moment. In all the grief of losing their daughter, the Larsens haven’t had time to think of their other two kids. So, one of them has to take money out of his dad’s wallet and go down to the grocery store by himself to buy some milk. It’s easy to see something like that happening after such a traumatic experience. Personally, I think it’s the best part of the episode.

On the political side, Richmond finally finds out who’s been trying to screw him over. I’m still not sure how all of this is going to fit into Rosie’s death, but it seems to be slowly coming together. The woman in charge of the unions appears to be hiding something. She could have planted the evidence in hopes of derailing Richmond’s campaign. Bennett is seen meeting with Richmond at the very end, just to tangle the web even further.

The storyline I’m most afraid of possibly spoiling the show is the story about Rosie’s dad being a mobster at one time or another. What’s he going to do? He wants to know who the police are questioning at the school. Does that mean he’s going to go after Bennett? Couldn’t you see Bennett getting a beat down from Rosie’s dad and his buddy at the moving company?

Any theories on who actually killed Rosie? I have a feeling that it wasn’t just one person, and my belief that Jamie had something to do with it is fading. He seems like he’s just trying to climb the career ladder by any means necessary. The mayor is a scumbag, but I think they’ve made him like that just to divert our attention away from the real culprit. As of right now, the evidence points to Bennett. Even though it may end up being a smoke screen, the dude is definitely hiding something. He’s in on it in somehow for sure, even if he didn’t do the actual killing.

Other random thoughts:

  • Is Bennett actually a pedophile, or is the show just painting him that way to distract us until we get a real reveal?
  • Holder accepts an anonymous envelope full of cash from some dude in nondescript car. Then he lies about it being winnings from blackjack. What’s he hiding?
  • Rosie had an future in filmmaking. Art house circuit, maybe? How will the movie come into play? Did we not see something in the movie that will be made clearer later on? That always seems to be the case. I just hope they don’t enhance a face off of some reflective surface. You saw the quality of that video – there’s no way the police would be able to make a positive ID of anyone.


  1. here is my theory. Rosie was sleeping with both the teacher and the councilman. rosie’s fathers co worker found out about and had/ has feeling for Rosie she got grossed out by it they had a fight he killed her and put her in the councilman car.

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