How ‘Lost’ Will End (Wild, Unsupported, Probably Incorrect Speculation)

Let me state up front that I have no insider information or even special insight that might spoil the big ‘Lost’ finale this weekend. All I have is a crazy theory. It’s not even a good theory. In fact, this had better not be the way that the show ends, because it’s incredibly cheesy and stupid. Nonetheless, once it got into my head, the gears started working, and now I can’t stop thinking that it’s inevitable.

I’m going to post the theory (after the break) today, before the finale airs. When the episode is done, we can discuss just how (hopefully) wrong I was, and how much better the actual conclusion turned out to be.

You’ve been warned. Here it is:

Locke and Jack, looking just like we know them today, are on the beach.

Locke: “Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?”
Jack: “Yes.”

A giant spaceship flies overhead, breaks in half, and crashes on the beach. Because it’s several hundred years in the future, get it? They’ve been stuck on the island for hundreds of years, just like Jacob and Man in Black. A handful of space cadets in ‘Buck Rogers’ jumpsuits scramble from the wreckage. Better yet, it’s a shameless J.J. Abrams crossover, and the Starship Enterprise flies overhead, then the cast of the new ‘Star Trek’ crawl out of the wreckage.

Locke: “They come… fight… they destroy… they corrupt. It always ends the same.”
Jack: “It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.”

Slam-cut to black, ‘Lost’ title on screen.

OR… This happens at the beginning of the episode, and the next two hours are spent getting to know a whole new cast of characters we’ve never seen before. That’s just the kind of infuriating thing the writers of this show would do, isn’t it?

OK, that’s it. Like I said, terrible, right? I mean, seriously, a spaceship? That’s super-lame. So why is it that I can’t stop worrying that this is exactly what’s going to happen?

I can’t wait to find out how wrong I am. After I’ve just set my expectations so low, anything will be better than this.


  1. besch64

    I had this idea at first (sans spaceships), but then I realized two things:

    1) it doesn’t resolve the sideways at all
    2) it’s way too predictable

    If there’s one thing about Lost that has remained constant for six straight years, it’s the unpredictability.

    My new personal theory is more like the following:

    The Monster succeeds in his goal of destroying the island, but Desmond and Jack also somehow succeed in destroying the Monster, likely through self-sacrifice. The simultaneous destruction of the island and of the evil that would have otherwise escaped creates the sideways timeline that we’ve been seeing throughout season 6. Throw a twist in there somewhere and end on a shot that shows all of our main characters in the sideways, but one that hearkens back to the Island timeline. Maybe they’re on the beach or something.

    Then again, that’s just as predictable as the other one. I’ll be fine with any finale really, as long as it doesn’t involve space ships and emphasizes the characters, not the mythology.

  2. J.J.

    I’ve disliked the show for quite a long time now. If they make it open ended and don’t answer everything in their elaborate setup up to this point, it will only infuriate me more, because, added up, I’ve wasted a lot of time of my life watching this show.

    • jgslima

      lol, I had forgotten this coffe.

      And when Star Wars Episode III was coming I thought there was a lot of things to answer. 🙂

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