‘Hostages’ 1.11 Recap: “I’m Going to Save Him”

This is the episode of ‘Hostages’ where our anti-heroes go to New York City to try to stop the assassination of the President so that it won’t interfere with their own assassination attempt on the President later on. The morals and ethics of the characters in this show are so out of whack that, had this series shown a hint of popularity with the public, it would probably be protested weekly by one group or another.

Duncan needs to take all his team members to New York in an effort to save the President. This means that he needs to make sure the Sanders family doesn’t escape. So, he has Archer lock them (he literally adds a padlock to the door) in one of the bedrooms, not even thinking for a minute that if they really wanted to get out, there are two windows available. Not to worry, the Sanders aren’t really smart enough to figure that out – or maybe they don’t want to risk any sprains from leaping from the second floor. Oh, I’m also happy to report that the youngest Sanders, Jake, who was completely absent from the last episode, returns in this one. However, I don’t think he had a single line of dialogue. (The writers must have run out of ideas for him.)

Before Duncan leaves, he tells Ellen that she needs to get the architectural plans for three different buildings in New York, one of which Duncan suspects a sniper will use. To do this, Ellen needs to go through Brian’s mistress, who apologizes when she meets with Ellen – saying that the only reason she felt okay with the affair is because Brian told her that his marriage was a lie. Ellen is able to get the plans for the three buildings and relay to Duncan (now in New York with his team) the information that he needs.

Over at Burton’s house, he’s paid a visit from Nina’s mother, who wants to finally go public about being raped by President Kincaid. Burton, being in on the whole assassination plot, tries to talk her out of it, but Nina doesn’t budge. He then tells her that he’s getting a camera to videotape her confession, but instead pulls a gun out of his desk (hidden from her view). He changes his tactics by offering to let her see Nina in the hospital before making a decision about confessing, and she agrees to that idea. Burton is relieved that he doesn’t have to kill her.

In Washington, D.C., Col. Blair’s mistress (and the First Lady’s sister), Vanessa, is already plotting how to get Blair further up the chain of command after the President is assassinated. Sitting down with the Vice President (who’s mulling his own Presidential run, since Kincaid is in his second term), she starts dropping hints about the type of person that should be his running mate. But instead of coming up with Blair’s name, the Vice President asks Vanessa if she’d be willing to be his VP pick.

Back in New York, Duncan has figured out which building the sniper will use. He and Archer track a guy in the building. (He’s wearing sunglasses, so he must be the killer!) They bust into his hotel room, Archer stuns him with a taser, and Duncan finishes him off with a few bullets (through a pillow to muffle the sound). Unfortunately, the two quickly realize that he wasn’t a sniper, but rather a surveillance guy for the real assassins. Calling down to Sandrine on the street below, Duncan lets her know that the assassins will be on the ground – and they conveniently walk right in front of Sandrine while she’s having the phone conversation! Yes, they’re also wearing sunglasses.

The two assassins are dressed as city utility workers parked in a truck just outside the church where the President will arrive shortly. Sandrine – who, in last week’s episode agreed to work with Logan and spy on Duncan (to protect her son) – has a change of heart here and takes out the two assassins. Mission accomplished, Duncan and the team return home, having saved the President so that they still have a chance to kill him.

Back at the Sanders’ house, the rest of the family is let out of the bedroom. Duncan has a private moment with Ellen, during which he thanks her and she tells him that she’s now prepared to kill the President for him. He hugs her in appreciation, which leads to a passionate kiss between the two. Now, I can understand Ellen being ticked enough at Brian (after what his mistress told her about their marriage) to give into Duncan, but what the hell is Duncan doing? Isn’t he head over heels in love with his sick wife? After all, he’s willing to betray his country to save her.

Later that evening, Duncan is out walking the streets when a male and female come out of nowhere and point guns at him. Tying him up and gagging him, they throw him into the back of a van as this week’s episode comes to a conclusion.

It looks like Col. Blair and Vanessa may have no choice but to work with Duncan now – but how much can they really trust each other? With only four episodes to go (in three airings, since the final two episodes will run back-to-back in January), I figure we have at least a dozen more wild twists to sit through.

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