‘Hostages’ 1.05 Recap: “We Needed a Killer”

In last week’s episode of ‘Hostages’, Brian Sanders was shot by Duncan to convince Ellen to give up her escape plan. This week, we see the aftermath of those events, as well as a whole new twist to the storyline that adds an interesting angle to the show.

First of all, although it takes up a big chunk of the episode, viewers don’t score any bonus points for guessing that Brian survives his gunshot wound. Ellen returns to the house to save him (though the kids continue their escape), and while Brian loses a pulse for a while, Ellen zaps him back to life with a defibrillator. The bullet passed through him, so Ellen only has to perform some minor surgery. Brian is patched up and even sitting up and talking by episode’s end. My guess is that, in a few more episodes, he’ll be acting like he never got shot at all.

During the period Brian is being operated on, the Sanders’ home gets a visit from Morgan’s boyfriend, who spills the beans to Ellen about her daughter being pregnant. Ellen is able to get rid of the kid before Duncan puts a bullet in him. (He’s really trigger-happy lately, isn’t he?)

Another revelation this week comes when Archer confesses to Duncan that Ellen’s coworker who has been missing and is presumed to be a suicide victim is actually dead. Archer tells his boss that she tried to run away, so he shot and killed her. (We see this in a flashback, where it’s obvious that Archer is just too lazy to run after her, as she’s only about 15 feet away when he fires the fatal shot.) Duncan informs Archer that he needs to dispose of the body, and we get a scene where Archer wraps her up in an oriental rug and wheels her out of a building in broad daylight. (A woman even stops him and checks out the rug at one point.)

Meanwhile, Sandrine (whose character name is finally confirmed this week – and yes, it’s the same name as the actress who plays her) is sent to the bus terminal to find the kids. Morgan and Jake manage to make it onto their bus to Canada, while Sandrine proves unsuccessful in bribing the ticket seller to give up information about the two children. On her way out of the bus terminal, she’s taken hostage by a couple of armed men who take her to meet a mysterious man – get ready for it – played by none other than ‘Twin Peaks’ alum Dana Ashbrook (who played Bobby Briggs on that series)! Sandrine seems to owe “Bobby” (that’s what I’m calling him for now) $50,000 for an across-the-border drug deal gone wrong. She’s given a limited amount of time to get him the money. Once she makes it back to the house, she tells Duncan that she needs to get paid the next morning.

When Morgan and Jake make it to Canada, Jake makes the mistake of calling home to talk with his father. Instead, Kramer has a conversation with him, which he manages to trace – and Sabrine is able to pick up the two kids and return them to the Sanders’ home.

Before that happens, a frustrated Duncan puts Ellen in the trunk of his car and drives her out to the middle of nowhere. Giving her a shovel, he tells her to start digging, and Ellen assumes that she’s digging her own grave. When she’s finished, however, she finds the body of her dead coworker buried there. Duncan then relates a story about a young hospital resident who was working one night when both a rapist and the young girl that he raped were brought into the hospital for treatment. At some point, the rapist got away from the police, and the young resident managed to stab him with a scalpel and keep others out of the room until he bled to death. Yes, Ellen was that young resident. Duncan tells her that this is why she was chosen to kill the President, whom he implies is just as evil as the rapist that she killed.

Ellen tells Duncan that nothing matters anymore because she knows her children are safe now. “I win,” she says to him. Returning to the house, she then learns that the children have been found and returned. “I win,” Duncan whispers back to her.

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