‘Grimm’ 1.10 Recap: “This Town Is Definitely Getting Weirder”

It’s been a while since we’ve recapped ‘Grimm’ here in the blog. Although I still like the show, I haven’t been keeping up with it in a timely fashion. I finally caught up this weekend, so let’s take a look at the most recent episode.

‘Organ Grinder’ opens with a couple of teens running through the woods, chased by some ugly creatures with pointy noses. One of them is injured. He falls into a stream as the other one is grabbed and hauled off. The next morning, clearly dead, the first boy’s body floats downstream and has its eyes pecked out by a crow. (This show can be really gross sometimes.) The body is discovered later to also have two puncture wounds like a vampire bite on the neck.

The creatures of the week are not vampires, however. They’re called geiers, and they harvest human organs and blood for sale on the creature black market. It seems that unsavory elements in the creature world use ground-up and powdered human organs for medicinal and aphrodisiac purposes, much as some humans grind up rhino horns or leopard testicles or whatever. As Eddie explains, “Our exotic animals are you.” Really adding to their charm, the geiers prefer to keep their victims alive and conscious during the extraction process.

Nick tracks the geiers to a makeshift greenhouse in the woods that’s filled with organs. He also traces their ring back to a free clinic in the city where a seemingly-nice doctor (Valerie Cruz from ‘True Blood’ and ‘Alphas’) has been lining up homeless kids as unwitting donors. Nick makes a connection with a couple of kids named Gracie and Hanson (Hannah Marks from ‘Necessary Roughness’ and Daryl Sabara from the ‘Spy Kids’ movies), who wind up kidnapped. Nick eventually has to rescue them and toss the lady doctor into a big fire pit.

The episode has a very tenuous connection with the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ fairy tale, in that Gracie makes necklaces from hookah shells, and leaves a trail of shells on the ground that Nick follows to where she’s being held. But this is kind of silly, since the trail is all of ten feet long, and only runs from the car out front into a building where Nick already knew they were anyway.

In a subplot, Nick wants to tell his girlfriend Juliette about the creature world and his Grimm powers. Eddie advises against this. As he explains, most humans can’t see creatures for what they really are because their brains aren’t capable of processing the information in front of them. Nick remains indecisive about what to do as the episode ends.

‘Organ Grinder’ is a decent enough episode. It’s not the show’s best, but certainly not bad either. The series is still in its formative stages and finding its footing. I’ve liked it enough so far to stick with it.

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