Golden Globes 2011 Live-Blog!

Welcome to our first attempt at a live-blog here at The Bonus View. The 2011 Golden Globe Awards start at 8 PM EST tonight on NBC. Bear with us as we work out the kinks and figure out what to write about as the event happens.

We’ll start our coverage with the red carpet specials in this hour before the show. I defer to Mrs. Z to tell me what to say for most of this part.

I should also note that I’m doing this a little seat-of-my pants. At Aaron’s recommendations, I’ve installed Cover-It-Live software and have been attempting to learn how to use it in the half hour before the show! I hope this somehow works out.

If you can’t see or read the live-blog below, please let me know in the Comments section.


  1. nate boss

    so hows bouts all them awards for the BWAAAAAAAHM film, known as Inception?

    how did that work out?

    it won like, 50, right? didn’t it also win best tv show, for its commercial trailer spots? weren’t they like better than anything ever put on tv, ever?

    BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (look it up)

  2. Josh Zyber

    So, all the media buzz this morning is about how “mean-spirited” and “inappropriate” Ricky Gervais was, and how he will never be asked to host another awards show. Apparently, during the ceremony he was pulled back stage and given a talking-to. What a load of horseshit. Gervais was damn funny.

      • I seem to remember them saying exactly the same things when he hosted the Golden Globe awards last year… and made them watchable for the first time in living memory.

        • Josh Zyber

          Oh, the Golden Globes have always been more entertaining than the Oscars. The awards themselves are utterly ridiculous and meaningless, but the ceremony has a lighter atmosphere, it usually runs on schedule, and the celebrities in the audience are encouraged to drink. The only reason the Golden Globes still exist at all is for the ceremony.

          The Oscars, in comparison, are just a long, grueling, self-important slog.

  3. ilovenola2

    Sorry, Josh, but many, including me, found Gervais to be far too cruel in his “joking.” I draw the line at making fun of Robert Downey Jr.’s past (which no one will deny, he has overcome magnificently and inspiringly to all who suffer from addictions) and talking about pulling people off the toilet to get them onstage.
    Go home, Ricky! You’re not funny anymore!

    • Josh Zyber

      Robert Downey, Jr. is the first person to make fun of his own past. His comeback to Gervais was obviously scripted. They worked out the whole routine in advance.

    • Josh Zyber

      Also, the bit about pulling people off the toilet was a reference to Christine Lahti’s win at the 1998 ceremony. She was in the ladies’ room when they announced her category. When she won, someone from the show had to go in and grab her, and bring her out to the stage. This is probably the most famous moment in Golden Globes history.

  4. Joe

    Josh, I am a fan of the Globes and remember the Lahti/Toilette scene. It might have worked as funny for me had I not already been so put off by Ricky’s earlier vitriol.
    I’m also not a stranger to the sho-biz world, and can’t see the Downey reference as scripted. Sorry.
    I don’t want to make an issue of it the day after as the show was an excellent one and I have no problems with the chosen recipients. I just hope Gervais doesn’t repeat as host. But if he does, I’ll shut up because we all get what we deserve in the long run.

  5. ilovenola2

    Sorry, I didn’t identify myself in my “Joe” signed post. The blog idea is a great one and I’ll be looking forward to your coverage of the Oscars.

  6. I’m British, but I’ve never been able to stand Gervais (Or The Office, for that matter). I just find him cringe-worthy.

    The fact that he stands up there insulting people whilst thinking he is funny, is just embarrassing.

  7. Loved Gervais, hilarious stuff, and seriously if they cant take being made fun of (this IS what comedians do) then they shouldnt show up. I highly doubt that Gervais would do something super insulting to someone like Downey without going over it first with him, if it was set up I wouldnt be surprised as a lot of interactions and jokes at these award shows ARE done that way, I’ve noticed a few at the Oscars over the years that have the same feeling to them.

    I’m not sure what the insults to Inception were about, most people didnt figure it would win top nods for anything really, I’m sure during the Oscars it will win for a lot of technical stuff but it wont beat out Social Network or Black Swan or the others that pulled in the Globes, people are kidding themselves if they think that, even thought it was my favorite movie last year (and now of all time) I would love to see it win stuff like that, but I would pretty naive to believe that it would

    Really glad for Portman, I’ve yet to see Black Swan (never came anywhere near me to go see it) but I’ve heard amazing things about her performance and its on the top of my list of movies to see as soon as I’m able to, I hope she wins the Oscar for this one and IMO its a shame that Aronofsky makes such different and original films and he keeps getting snubbed for awards, he’s one of the best in the business and far better than Fincher IMO