Mid-Week Poll: Do You Attend Film Festivals?

To casual moviegoers, film festivals may not even come as a second thought. For film enthusiasts, however, festivals are the place to be if you want to see some interesting movies that may not be widely released for months, if ever. Have you ever been to a film festival?

There are small festivals that only last a weekend like Telluride, and then there are large festivals like Sundance that kick off the year with a slate of films likely to produce a few Oscar nominations along the way. Do you attend festivals? Or have you had the desire to, but just couldn’t make it? Let us know.

Do You Attend Film Festivals?

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If you’ve gone, we’d also like to know which festivals you’ve been to. Yes, I know that tons of film festivals happen every year. For the sake of this poll, we’ll only list the more notable ones. You can choose “Other” and then tells us in the Comments about other festivals you’ve attended.

What Film Festivals Have You Been To?

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  1. Never really cared for going. Film festivals seem, from the reviews of movies I have read, to focus on artsy style stuff. Ocassionally a good movie comes out of one, and if it does, it will get picked up and shown across the country. I also have a fairly short attention span. I just couldn’t see myself in a place, watching movie after movie, of some films I could care less about. Usually, when the descriptions of movies come out, there is like one or maybe two that intrest me.

    • Aaron Peck

      SLC huh? Whereabouts? I’m originally from South Jordan, but live up in Logan now.

      You really should try and make it to Sundance this year. Come up to Park City on the second weekend when all the hubbub has died down a bit and get into some movies on the Wait List. It’s actually pretty easy to do. Especially at the gigantic Eccles Theater.

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