Every Movie Theater in the World Needs to Do This Right Now

The modern movie-going experience is often more trouble than it’s worth, which is why so many of us have built our own home theaters. I’m sure that all of us here have endured disruptive patrons at movie theaters who talk through the film, turn on their bright cell phones to text, and/or put their smelly feet up on the back of your chair. Heeding its customers’ complaints, one movie theater in London has found an ingenious solution to this problem: Hire ninjas to roam the theater and keep everyone in line! This needs to catch on everywhere.

Did I just say ninjas? Yes, and here’s how it works: The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square, London, has recruited volunteers in skin-tight black body suits to patrol its theaters for unruly viewers. In return, the volunteers get to watch the movie for free. In a best case scenario, they’ll just sit there and watch quietly with the rest of the audience. However, when the need arises, the so-called “ninja task force” will skulk through the shadows, sneak up on the offenders, and sternly warn them to behave.

The initiative has proven so popular with the normal considerate moviegoers that it may soon roll out to other theaters across the UK, and hopefully the world. I support this wholeheartedly.

[via Digital Spy.]


  1. Chaz

    Or you could do like The Alamo Drafthouse here in the states and just kick people out who disobey the rules, they are widely known in their areas to not put up with any crap, you turn on your phone, answer a call, check a text and they throw you out and I think even ban you from coming back.

    If only more places would take an initiative to kick out people like this, many more would probably go to the theater again, but even still I like my home theater better for most films anymore anyways, no matter how quiet and nice the real one is, I would still rather buy and own the film, usually for less than what it costs for my wife and I to attend the theater together

  2. Shannon Nutt

    Yeah, there used to be these things called ushers…and they weren’t 16-year-old kids either, they were adults (often an evil looking elderly gentleman) who would kick you out and tell you never to returned if you ever put your feet up, talked, or threw your food on the floor.

  3. William Henley

    I went to a Cinemark theater on Friday, and there was an ad before the movie that said that they WILL kick you out of the movie if you text / use your phone or talk during the movie.

  4. Aaron

    Americans are violent and confrontational by nature. Most people that act an ass in the theater do it for the express purpose of CAUSING a confrontation.

    I doubt this would work that well in America.

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