‘Chuck’ 4.24 Recap: “You’re Not the Spy You Used to Be”

‘Chuck’ finally wrapped up its fourth season last week with a resolution to both the previous episode’s cliffhanger and most of the year’s running storylines. In a lot of ways, the episode sums up the season pretty succinctly. It’s quite uneven on the whole and rather predictable, yet ends with a nice twist that offers hope for better in the future.

It should come as a surprise to precisely no one that Sarah didn’t die after Vivian attacked her with the Norseman weapon at the end of the previous episode. Even though every single other victim of the weapon has dropped dead instantly, Sarah merely goes into a coma. She’s rushed to the hospital, where Ellie and Awesome somehow determine that Chuck has about a day to find an antidote before she dies. (Since when is the Norseman a poison-based weapon? How did the poison get into her system remotely? This makes no sense whatsoever.)

Chuck decides that he needs Alexei Volkoff to talk some sense into his daughter. Unfortunately, a new CIA dickhole named Decker (Richard Burgi from ‘Desperate Housewives’) has ousted General Beckman and seems to have a hard-on for screwing Chuck over. Decker revokes all of Chuck’s CIA privileges and loads Volkoff onto a tractor trailer for transport to a new high-security prison.

With Casey’s help, Chuck steals a top secret motorcycle called the Street Hawk… Oh, excuse me, the “Night Hawk.” Right. The bike can go 200 mph and is armed with machine guns and rockets and whatnot. So, as depicted in some really embarrassing visual effects, Chuck tears down the highway at supposedly incredible speeds that kind of look like he’s doing about 30 in a school zone.

Chuck catches up with tractor trailer and blasts his way in, but not before Decker uses special sunglasses to de-Intersect Volkoff, returning him to his original mild-mannered identity as Hartley Winterbottom, who has no memory of his years as a terrorist. Decker eventually captures and de-Intersects Chuck as well.

Casey breaks Chuck and Hartley out again, and tells Chuck that he’ll have to save Sarah on his own. He gives Chuck a pair of untraceable secret identities so that he and Sarah can go into hiding and start fresh.

With no Intersect, Chuck’s only hope is that Hartley can pretend to be Volkoff and talk some sense into his daughter. Hartley chickens out at first, leaving Chuck to plead with Vivian on his own, but returns and tells her the truth. Sensing that Vivian doesn’t really want to be evil, Chuck offers her and Hartley the secret identities so that they can start over and be a real family. Vivian goes soft and gives Chuck the antidote.

Chuck races to the hospital to save Sarah, but is intercepted by Decker, who’s really just being a straight-up douchebag at this point for no reason at all. He won’t let Chuck into the hospital. Little does he know, however, that Morgan has called in Sarah’s former teammates from the C.A.T. Squad, and that Chuck has also brought in reinforcements from Volkoff’s Russian army. Chuck tells Decker off, officially quits the CIA, and rushes in to deliver the antidote to Sarah. But is it too late…?

No, of course not. We cut to a fake-out moment where it looks like a funeral, which is then revealed to be Chuck and Sarah’s wedding. Morgan officiates. Sarah wears a swan dress. Just in case this episode turned out to be the series finale, the scene is intercut with highlight clips from the show’s history. Everyone’s happy.

After the ceremony, Sarah and Chuck receive a wedding gift from the Volkoffs, who have broken up their terrorist empire and given the newlyweds close to a billion dollars. Chuck uses the money to purchase the Buy More and the now-empty Castle facility beneath it. Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan will go into business for themselves as freelance spies.

Decker leaves behind a video message at Castle that lays the groundwork for a new storyline. He says that Chuck has always just been a pawn in a much bigger conspiracy that dwarfs Fulcrum, the Ring, or anything else Team Bartowski has ever faced.

Before the credits roll, we also discover that Gen. Beckman has left a gift of her own, a pair of sunglasses that Morgan puts on and is Intersected. “Guys, I know kung-fu!”

Morgan taking over as the Intersect is an unexpected twist that will no doubt be good for some fun in the next season. With the announcement that next year will be the final season, let’s hope that the show’s producers will be able to plan ahead and avoid the issues with meandering focus that plagued this year.

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  1. HuskerGuy

    I was really disappointed with this finale, but I did enjoy the set up to next season. I think knowing they are locked in at 13 episodes for season 5, they should be able to put together a more consistent show.

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