Weekend Box Office: Spirits Point to Success

In preparation for Halloween, teenagers went out in droves to see the only teen-friendly scary movie in cinemas.

The top movie at the box office was the Hasbro-produced ‘Ouija‘. Although the low-budget PG-13 horror flick saw a decent $20 million debut fueled by youngsters and crushed by critics, ‘Ouija’ is expected to die off and disappear into the shadows rather quickly.

Even though it only came in #2 at the box office this week, with older-skewing audience and some critics’ praise, Keanu Reeves’ comeback vehicle ‘John Wick‘ is predicted to hold over better than the winner. The revenge thriller drew $14.1 million.

Fury‘ dropped to the #3 spot in its second week and wasn’t able to hang on as well as expected. After a 45% drop in attendance, the World War II action drama pulled in $13 million, bringing its ten-day total up to $46 million.

In its fourth week, ‘Gone Girl‘ moved down to the #4 spot, but still only fell 37% in attendance. The movie keeps moving forward as it pulled in another $11.1 million. To date it has earned $124 million and is just a few days away from dethroning ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ as David Fincher’s highest grossing film.

Last weekend’s animated release ‘The Book of Life‘ rounded out the Top 5 by falling from third place. The Mexican flavored musical earned $9.8 million. Its 42% drop is steeper than most family flicks and its ten-day total of $29.9 million isn’t so great for a movie that cost $50 million to make.

The expansion of Bill Murray’s ‘St. Vincent‘ proved strong as hipsters flooded theaters and boosted the indie flick to the #6 spot. From 2,282 locations, the small comedy grossed $8 million, bringing its domestic total up to $9.1 million.

The Keira Knightley comedy ‘Laggies‘ had a nice little debut. From five screens, the A24-distributed film pulled in $78,500 for a per-screen average of $15,700.

The debut numbers for ‘White Bird in a Blizzard’ have yet to be announced.

Top 10:

1. ‘Ouija’ (Universal) – $20,006,000

2. ‘John Wick’ (Lionsgate/Summit) – $14,150,000

3. ‘Fury’ (Sony) – $13,000,000

4. ‘Gone Girl’ (Fox) – $11,100,000

5. ‘The Book of Life’ (Fox) – $9,800,000

6. ‘St. Vincent’ (Weinstein) – $8,058,000

7. ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’ (Buena Vista) – $7,023,000

8. ‘The Best of Me’ (Relativity) – $4,736,000

9. ‘The Judge’ (Warner Bros.) – $4,345,000

10. ‘Dracula Untold’ (Universal) – $4,302,000


  1. Chris B

    Great to see John Wick have such a strong debut. Reeves is reported to be one of the nicest guys in Hollywood and after the 47 Ronin debacle he could sure use a hit at the box office. I’m gonna go watch it this Wednesday, really looking forward to it…

  2. My oldest sister is insisting on taking my mother to see Ouija – I told her it’s a teeny bop movie with crap ratings and suggested John Wick instead. My mother loves action flicks-I make fun of her all the time saying as long as there’s “cops and guns” she’s there.

  3. Just went and pulled a double feature with Wick & Ouija. Wick > Ouija. Opinions will vary of course. Take your mama to John Wick, there’s not a lot of cops , but there are plenty of guns. The best part about Ouija was at the end before the credits, the text reading BASED ON THE HASBRO BOARD GAME, or something like that. Even if the movie was good, that would of made people roll their eyes and lose its scare factor. My friend was actually scared for a good bit of the movie but when she saw that she said, ” it’s not that scary anymore.”

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