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Weekend Box Office: You’ll Float Too

What an absolutely killer weekend! After weeks and weeks of terrible movies, we finally have a new one that’s not only worthwhile, but doubled pre-weekend estimates and crushed several box office records. Juxtaposed next to it was the wilted opening of Reese Witherspoon’s latest rom-com, which is bound to be buried quickly.

Topping all sorts of records, ‘It‘ easily floated to the top of the box office with a $117 million domestic debut. The Stephen King adaptation was pushed out to 4,103 locations, the widest opening ever for an R-rated release. The movie already holds the record for highest Thursday night preview for an R-rated movie ($13.5 million), highest Thursday preview for a horror movie, and highest Thursday preview for a movie in September. After grossing $51 million on Friday (which, by industry standards, includes the Thursday preview numbers), it holds the record for largest opening day for a movie in September. The $117 million debut gives it the record for highest September opening (chewing up and spitting out the $48.5 million previous record held by ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’), the highest opening for a fall release (floating miles higher than the $55.7 million record previously held by ‘Gravity’) and the highest opening for an R-rated horror movie (putting to sleep the $52.5 million record previously owned by ‘Paranormal Activity 3’). ‘It’ was unable to best the $132.4 million debut of ‘Deadpool’ (damn you, Irma!) but it easily claimed the second-highest R-rated movie opening of all time. The movie also scored several regional records in 46 international markets. In total, it earned $62 million overseas, giving the $35 million picture a massive $179.1 million worldwide debut.

Coming in $108 million behind ‘It’, the #2 movie in North America was ‘Home Again‘. Reese Witherspoon’s latest rom-com failed to charm moviegoers into attending. From 2,940 locations, the movie grossed $9 million. Fortunately, it was produced on a low $15 million budget, which shouldn’t make it too difficult to recoup costs when it expands overseas, becomes available for streaming purchase/rental and makes its way into Redbox.

When faced with actual competition, three-week reigning champ ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard‘ was finally knocked out of the top spot – but it didn’t take as big of a hit as you’d expect. Falling 54% over last week, the action comedy still made $4.8 million and finished in third place. To date, the movie has grossed $64.8 million. Considering that it was produced on a $30 million budget and has yet to open overseas, it won’t be long before the sequel, ‘The Bodyguard’s Hitman’, gets greenlit.

Despite so many horror fans opting to see ‘It’ this weekend, five-week-old ‘Annabelle: Creation‘ took an even lighter decline than expected. From 3,003 locations, the R-rated scary movie only fell 47% in attendance. Finishing at #4 with $4 million, its domestic total is now up to $96.2 million. By this time next week, it should be in the $100 Million Club. With $184 million in foreign box office revenue, the $15 million spinoff sequel has $280.2 million worldwide. More than ever, right now is a good time to be in the business of making good horror movies.

The Weinstein Company’s ‘Wind River‘ rounded out the Top 5 with $3.2 million. The $11 million Taylor Sheridan film has earned $25 million to date and has yet to open overseas.

Weekend numbers for ‘9/11’ or ‘Rememory’ have yet to be announced.

Top 10:

1. ‘It’ (Warner Bros.) – $117,150,000

2. ‘Home Again’ (Open Road) – $9,028,222

3. ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ (Lionsgate) – $4,850,000

4. ‘Annabelle: Creation’ (Warner Bros.) – $4,000,000

5. ‘Wind River’ (Weinstein) – $3,210,200

6. ‘Leap!’ (Weinstein) – $2,500,100

7. ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ (Sony) – $2,015,000

8. ‘Dunkirk’ (Warner Bros.) – $1,950,000

9. ‘Logan Lucky’ (Bleecker Street) – $1,826,425

10. ‘The Emoji Movie’ (Sony) – $1,060,000


  1. Bolo

    Got to see ‘Wind River’ and quite liked it. It reminded me a lot of ‘Winter’s Bone’, but I liked it more. I’m still not a big fan of Jerry Renner as an actor, but he does fine here.

  2. EM

    To avoid terrible movies, on Saturday I went to see Close Encounters (the 40th-anniversary re-release opened locally this weekend). While it’s not one of my desert-island movies (I tend to be bothered by the “hero”’s abandonment of his kids), it’s a pretty good one—and quite nice to see on the silver screen.

    At midnight the night before, I also attended a screening of Alejandro Jorodowsky’s The Holy Mountain. Holy moley! that was trippy.

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