Weekend Box Office: Monster Mash

Although Jack Black’s new family flick topped the box office charts, none of the weekend’s four big new movies came out the real winner.

After two weeks in the top spot, ‘The Martian’ was dethroned by the family monster movie ‘Goosebumps‘. The playful picture pulled in $23.5 million from 3,501 locations. Although well ahead of Sony’s predictions, attendance was still quite low considering the film’s PG rating, abundant marketing and seasonal appeal. With ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ losing steam and no other family friendly competition set to open until ‘Peanuts’ (Nov. 6th), ‘Goosebumps’ should continue to play well over the coming weeks.

‘Goosebumps’ narrowly defeated three-week-old ‘The Martian‘ by just $2 million. After slipping 42% in attendance, the sci-fi rescue drama drew $21.5 million. With its domestic 17-day total sitting at $143.7 million, the film is now Ridley Scott’s third-highest grossing picture behind ‘Gladiator’ ($187.7 million) and ‘Hannibal’ ($165 million). Overseas, it claimed another $175.4 million.

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies‘ closed its first weekend in third place with $15.3 million. Although that number isn’t necessarily noteworthy, ‘Spies’ is expected to have long legs and continue to bring in an older demographic that flash-in-the-pan releases ignore.

The most unexpected stumble of the weekend was Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Crimson Peak‘, which opened in fourth place and failed to draw more than just the director’s devoted fans. The gorgeous R-rated Gothic period piece drew $12.8 million from nearly 3,000 locations. Costing $55 million to produce and with a front-loaded weekend, its theatrical run is looking grim.

Hotel Transylvania 2‘ rounded out the Top 5. Over its fourth week in theaters, the sequel earned $12.2 million. Its domestic run now sits at $136.4 million.

The faith-based sports drama ‘Woodlawn‘ opened in ninth place with $4.1 million from 1,553 screens. With excellent word-of-mouth and an established fan base for the directors, it’s estimated to close its run around $10 million.

Following a great run on the festival circuit, ‘Room‘ had a strong limited debut. From four New York/L.A. locations, it earned $120,000 and a solid average of $30,000 per screen. Thanks to the great opening, A24 will expand the Brie Larson vehicle in the coming weeks.

This weekend’s other notable limited release only had a so-so debut. ‘Truth‘, which tells the true story of ’60 Minutes’, Dan Rather and his producer breaking a controversial story about then-President George W. Bush, grossed $76,646 from six locations, a per-screen average of $12,774.

Top 10:

1. ‘Goosebumps’ (Sony) – $23,500,000

2. ‘The Martian’ (Fox) – $21,500,000

3. ‘Bridge of Spies’ (Buena Vista) – $15,380,000

4. ‘Crimson Peak’ (Universal) – $12,850,000

5. ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ (Sony) – $12,250,000

6. ‘Pan’ (Warner Bros.) – $5,860,000

7. ‘The Intern’ (Warner Bros.) – $5,405,000

8. ‘Sicario’ (Lionsgate) – $4,500,000

9. ‘Woodlawn’ (Pure Flix) – $4,100,000

10. ‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ (Fox) – $2,750,000


  1. William Henley

    Man, Pan is doing bad. With an international pull over two weekends of $72 million for a movie with a budget of $150 million, that doesn’t look too good for it.

  2. EM

    Goodebumps”—is it really that good(e)? Sounds like the symptoms Marty McFly suffered from his performance at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance! 🙂

    I went to see Crimson Peak—an entertainingly opulent if overly self-indulgent throwback pining for the glories of bygone days. And no, I’m not a del Toro devotee, thank you very much. On the arthouse circuit I also saw a strange Israeli drama, The Kindergarten Teacher, about artistic genius and madness (but, refreshingly, not in the same individual), and the fascinating Buckley–Gore documentary The Best of Enemies.

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