Weekend Box Office: Bourne This Way

With stiff competition from the latest ‘Bourne’ installment, ‘Star Trek’ fell out of warp this weekend. While the new R-rated female-driven comedy held its own, Lionsgate’s millennial thriller fell short.

Jason Bourne‘ led the busy weekend with a solid $60 million debut. To give that number some franchise perspective, it’s up 36% from the lackluster $38.1 million opening of the Matt Damon-less spinoff ‘The Bourne Legacy‘ in 2012. The last time Damon led an entry was in 2007 with the third installment, ‘The Bourne Ultimatum‘, which set a franchise record opening with $69.2 million. The $60 million start to ‘Jason Bourne’ is quite a feat when you consider that the film opened just 13% off that and holds the second-highest opening record out of the five. Internationally, the movie grabbed $50.1 million from 40 markets, giving it a $110.1 million worldwide start.

Jason Bourne not only did some damage on-screen, he gave a beating to the competition off-screen as well. Last week’s big release, ‘Star Trek Beyond‘, took a serious hit. With a higher-than-expected opening, you’d think the movie would have held over well – but ‘Bourne’ showed up and slapped it around. Dropping 59% week-over-week, ‘Trek’ earned $24 million and now sits with a ten day total of $105.7 million. Considering its $185 million price tag, the film still has some ground to make up. Now playing in 27 markets, ‘Beyond’ grossed $54.8 million overseas, for a $160.5 million worldwide total in ten days.

This weekend’s counter-programming didn’t quite meet expectations, but still did quite well in the face of the competition. Attempting to capitalize on the crude feminine magic of ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Bad Moms‘ launched to $23.4 million. Produced on a budget of $20 million, it’s well on its way to being a success.

Last week’s ‘Ice Age’ sequel (which finished its second week in sixth place) seems to have had no effect on the ongoing success of ‘The Secret Life of Pets‘. After four weeks, the animated comedy drew another $18.2 million and landed in fourth place. To date, the $75 million kids’ movie has earned $296.1 million domestically and $99 million overseas, giving it a $395.1 million worldwide total.

Rounding out the Top 5 was last week’s PG-13 micro-budget horror release ‘Light’s Out‘. With a 50% drop, which is slightly less than expected, it managed to bring in another $10.8 million. After ten days, the tiny $4.9 million movie has grossed a total of $42.8 million domestically with another $20.8 million from 19 international territories, giving it a worldwide total of $63.6 million.

Lionsgate tried to grab the attention of the app-obsessed youth with ‘Nerve‘, but failed to reach very far. The thriller finished in the #8 spot with $9 million. Taking into account its $20 million budget, the studio was smart to open it on Wednesday. The two-day head start resulted in $6 million. After five days, ‘Nerve’ has pulled $15 million domestically. Its international release hasn’t yet kicked off.

With decent reviews and a promising limited opening, Woody Allen’s latest had a difficult time playing on 565 screens. ‘Cafe Society‘ climbed into the #12 spot with $2.2 million, but only managed a per-screen average of $3,982.

Top 10:

1. ‘Jason Bourne’ (Universal) – $60,000,000

2. ‘Star Trek Beyond’ (Paramount) – $24,000,000

3. ‘Bad Moms’ (STX) – $23,400,000

4. ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ (Universal) – $18,210,000

5. ‘Lights Out’ (Warner Bros.) – $10,810,000

6. ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ (Fox) – $10,500,000

7. ‘Ghostbusters’ (Sony) – $9,800,000

8. ‘Nerve’ (Lionsgate) – $9,000,000

9. ‘Finding Dory’ (Buena Vista) – $4,220,000

10. ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ (Warner Bros.) – $2,405,000


  1. SuperSugarBear

    What you should write about is how Star Trek and Bourne tag-teamed Ghostbusters into oblivion.
    Nobody wants to write about that flop, eh?

  2. Bourne’s final totals for the weekend were $59.2 million – exactly what Star Trek Beyond made the weekend before (Star Trek actually did about $40,000 better, but it’s essentially a tie).

    Speaking of Ghostbusters, Star Trek has already passed it’s totals both domestically and worldwide, despite being in release one less week.

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