Mid-Week Oscar Poll: Best Actor 2011

February is Oscars Month here at The Bonus View. Let’s kick things off with a poll about your predictions for this year’s Best Actor award.

We’re going to divide this into two separate polls. In the first, tell us which actor you predict the Academy will give the award to. This has nothing to do with your personal opinions. This is a straight-up prediction about who the Oscar voters will go for.

Who Will the Academy Pick to Win Best Actor 2011?

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In the second poll, give us your opinion on which actor you think should win the award, regardless of who the Oscar voters actually choose.

Who Do You Think Should Win Best Actor 2011?

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I think that Colin Firth pretty much has a lock on this trophy. However, if I were voting, I’d give it to Jeff Bridges for ‘True Grit’. I’d love to see Bridges win back-to-back awards, and I’d also love to see him win an Oscar for playing the same character that John Wayne previously won the same award for. That’s not going to happen, but it sure would be fun.

Here’s an interesting exercise: When you watch ‘The Social Network’, try to picture Jesse Eisenberg playing Abed from ‘Community’. As a matter of fact, now that I’ve pointed this out, try not to picture him playing Abed from ‘Community’. You won’t be able to see anything else. Because that’s what he’s doing.


  1. TJ Kats

    Will win – Colin Firth
    My pick – Franco

    I have not seen Biutiful or King’s speech so I cannot comment on those performances but for Franco to make 127 House as entertaining as it was excellent.

  2. I want Bridges to win it, but I get the feeling Firth will get the award.

    As a switcheroo Josh, try picturing Abed from ‘Community’ playing Mark Zuckerberg. Or playing Jesse Eisenberg in a Jesse Eisenberg bio pick. Now I’m getting into this idea!

  3. BostonMA

    i agree with you Josh, on both regards (and i didn’t read the first voting poll as well and thought it was for who i thought should win..so i picked Bridges for that as well, so disregard one of those votes and add it to Firth).

    Firth’s great in The King’s Speech, but Bridges’ disappears into his role, as he did with last year’s Oscar win.

    i think the second best performance of 2009 was that of Firth in A Single Man, so i’ll be alright with him winning this year.

  4. Anthony

    Being a fan of Community, your statement has forever changed how I’ll watch The social network. Jesse is essentially Abed with computer skills instead of witty Tv and movie knowledge, so maybe Eisenberg shouldn’t win.

  5. Firth has it in the bag and among the nominees, he deserves it the most… Though I would have loved to have seen DiCaprio nominated this year, preferably for Inception. I couldn’t stand the obsession over him when Titanic came out, but in the last ten years, he’s really become one of my favorite actors. He’s got three nominations so far (Gilbert Grape, Aviator and Blood Diamond) and he really deserves a Best Actor trophy at some point soon.

    • Ian Whitcombe

      I’m going to predict that DiCaprio will be the youngest actor to recieve an Honorary Academy Award as a consolation prize for the fact that most of his work is probably Oscar-worthy but never manages to hold the high opinion needed to win a competitive category.