40 Questions About ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ – Spoilers Within

Two years ago, I found myself in the sights of James Bond fans everywhere. While ‘Skyfall’ was becoming the highest-grossing entry in the long-running 007 franchise, I scratched my head wondering how something so obviously flawed could become beloved in the eyes of its fans. Now, with comic book fanboys raving about the greatness of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, I once again can’t keep my against-the-grain comments to myself.

Warning: Many spoilers lie ahead. If you haven’t seen ‘Ultron’ yet, you might not want to continue.

Before I dive into this, I want to point out something I realized while watching ‘Age of Ultron’: Marvel geeks will love everything that Marvel puts out – no matter what – simply because it has the Marvel label. They think that they love it all because Marvel tells them to. I realized this by the audience reaction to a Tony Stark quip that no more than 5% of the audience could have understood, yet everyone burst into laughter. His joke relies on the audience knowing Eugene O’Neill. I’m certain that very few superhero fans know the long-dead playwright, yet the geeks laughed on command. Why? Because – duh – everything Stark says is funny. The geeks laugh at what they’re told to laugh at, enjoy what they’re told is badass and cool, and never put any thought into it otherwise. If their opinions differ, they certainly don’t voice them. This sheep-like mentality creates an annoying fan base, so I’m not expecting this post to sway them in the slightest.

Like the majority of the world, I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the titles that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Not every entry is great (‘Thor: The Dark World‘). One was all-out bad (‘Iron Man 3‘). But even the mediocre ones have their moments. While ‘Age of Ultron’ definitely has it great moments, it’s also the laziest entry since the MCU’s beginning with the first ‘Iron Man‘.

With writer/director Joss Whedon channeling his inner Michael Bay, the following list is a chronological detail of 40 questions that moviegoers should ask as they watch ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

  1. If the Avengers couldn’t help one another out during the Phase Two movies, how did they get together so quickly in the intro to ‘Ultron’ when the task at hand was simply to retrieve Loki’s staff from HYDRA? Stark had a harder time defeating the combustible folks in ‘Iron Man 3’. It took dozens of automated suits to pull that one off. Thor had a hard time defeating the Dark Elves in ‘The Dark World’, even when their threat came to Earth. And when S.H.I.E.L.D., the organization responsible for the Avengers, was entirely taken over by HYDRA in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘, no one else could lend aid. Yet when Loki’s staff shows up within a weak army, the Avengers assemble without explanation?
  2. If Stark said goodbye to the Iron Man lifestyle in ‘Iron Man 3’, including blowing up all of his suits, then how/why is he back at it in ‘Age of Ultron’? Does Pepper simply not mind him going back on his word?
  3. What exactly does Scarlet Witch’s power do? If the correct answer is “show people their worst fears,” then she’s a ding-bat for letting the murderer of her parents go free with the staff just because she saw that he feared his fellow Avengers dying because of his actions.
  4. If Quicksilver’s superpower is being a live-action Looney Toon, why doesn’t he yell “Meep-meep” every time he punks someone with his super speed? (Extra tidbit: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ did Quicksilver a million times better than ‘Age of Ultron’.)
  5. What’s up with the stupid romantic subplot between Black Widow and Bruce Banner? Since when did that exist? ‘The Avengers‘ made us think that she had a thing for Hawkeye, then ‘Winter Soldier’ made us think she had a thing for Cap. Pick a man, already.
  6. Again, if Tony Stark destroyed all the extra suits in ‘Iron Man 3’, where did all these ‘Chappie’ police robots come from? And why was it so easy for the townsfolk to burn the face off one? Did Stark make his Chappies out of lesser material?
  7. Is Jarvis made from the same operating system used by Jeff Goldblum in ‘Independence Day’? Jarvis says that the staff has an “alien code” within it that will open the door for artificial intelligence. Goldblum was able to integrate his computer with alien code in ‘ID4’, and since Jarvis is able to read/write alien code too, does that mean that they’re running on the same bulky mid-’90s laptop?
  8. In return for lending Chris Hemsworth to Michael Mann for ‘Blackhat’, did Joss Whedon get first right access to use the same crappy inner-computer effects that Mann used to simulate hacking in that movie? When Jarvis and Ultron speak to one another, it sure looks like it.
  9. Does Ultron only reference ‘Pinocchio’ because Disney now owns Marvel?
  10. If I can reboot my iPhone from data backed up in the mysterious “Cloud,” why can’t Stark reboot Jarvis? Did he run out space in the Cloud?
  11. Why does the all-powerful Ultron employ the twins? Not a single other human soul aids Ultron in his plan, yet he thinks he needs these two in order to kill the world?
  12. Why does Ultron want to destroy the world? If the answer is “Because that’s the only way that peace can exist,” then Stark’s artificial intelligence isn’t intelligent at all. He should be embarrassed.
  13. Why does Ultron have a hands-free bluetooth device in each ear?
  14. Why did Andy Serkis sign on for such a throwaway role?
  15. Why do so many of the jokes fall flat?
  16. Since when did Black Widow start wearing a glowing ‘Tron Legacy’ suit made out of HYDRA tech?
  17. Again, what the hell are Scarlet Witch’s spells doing? If her spell makes people see their worst fears, what is the purpose of Cap’s and Thor’s dreams? Cap’s worst fear is winning the war and being with Agent Carter? And Thor fears hanging out with a white-eyed Heimdall at a rave thrown by the Wachowski siblings?
  18. If Jarvis is dead, how are the Iron Man suits working?
  19. Who won the Iron Man/Hulk fight? We see them duke it out in a sequence whose downtown city damage rivals that of the Superman/Zod fight in ‘Man of Steel’. A building comes down on top the two and – for the sake of a recycling a visual joke from the first ‘Avengers’ – it ends with Hulk unexpectedly getting punched in the side of the face, then cuts to black. Geeks have been gushing over the prospect of this fight for years, yet now that it’s here, they accept it even though we never find out who won? That would be like next year’s ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ ending with a cut to black that never answer the age-old question of “Who would win in a fight between…?”
  20. Does Hawkeye’s wife live on April O’Neil’s farm from 1990’s ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’?
  21. Does Loki’s staff come with instructions? How did Ultron know how to use it to take over the Korean doctor’s will? Does the staff not require the user to have a soul in order to take over another person’s?
  22. When did all of Stark’s and Fury’s jokes start falling flat with the audience?
  23. What happened with Thor and Dr. Selvig in the random cave of water, shirtlessness and lightning? Why did Thor have to swim within to learn about Vision/Infinity Stones and how does that connect with the fear dream that Scarlet Witch made him experience? Why is Selvig there and, as Brad Pitt would ask, “What’s in the box?!”
  24. Why does Ultron transport the cradle in a tractor trailer when he and his million robot army can fly?
  25. How did the twins know where to find the Avengers once they decided to trade teams?
  26. Did Whedon really just use the same runaway train sequence from Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man 2’? Spidey may not have been acquired in time to make it into ‘Age of Ultron’, but one of his best action sequences did.
  27. Is Thor’s only reaction outbursts of lightning? Thor takes a swim. Lightning. Fighting over Stark’s cradle plan? Try lighting. Ultron made a huge world-ending device that makes no sense at all. Lightning ought to fix it.
  28. Did Disney cut off Whedon’s budget? If not, why did he have to use crappy children’s face paint and latex for Vision?
  29. Did Bruce Banner – not the Hulk – really just rescue Black Widow from Ultron’s lair without running into a single obstacle or bad robot?
  30. Is there anything that Vibranium can’t do? It’s an indestructible metal that clings to flesh on a molecular level and can also be used to control gravity and mass. And who knew that there was enough out there to make Cap’s shield, an even larger version of Ultron and a worldwide life-ending land bomb?
  31. Why is Ultron’s army so easy to defeat? Quicksilver can bust them up with one punch and Hawkeye’s arrows pierce them like butter.
  32. If the Vibranium weapon is meant to keep the land bomb together, then why is it constantly crumbling and falling apart?
  33. Since Vibranium is the answer to everything, is it the Vibranium that makes it so that no one needs oxygen at an altitude of 50,000 feet?
  34. Did Fury really just pridefully say, “Let’s show ’em what we got,” only to reveal one additional helper (War Machine) to fight against the thousands of mini-Ultrons?
  35. How exactly did Iron Man’s laser and Thor’s lightning stop Ultron’s weapon? And how did the land bomb not hit the ground with the same force as if they hadn’t broken it up. It was still being rocket-propelled towards Earth, so the impact should have been similar.
  36. Did Black Widow say, “Hey, big guy. We did it. The job’s finished,” to Hulk just so that we, the audience, would know that the inexplicable action that we just witnessed actually brought the villian’s plot to a close?
  37. Where did the lake beneath the floating city come from?
  38. Are we really supposed to believe that Vision destroyed Ultron in the woods by himself when, 20 minutes earlier, he said that he didn’t want to kill Ultron because Ultron was unique?
  39. Did Stark just say that he was going to “tap out” of being Iron Man again? Does anyone actually believe it this time?
  40. When Thanos shows his discontent for yet another failed attempt to retrieve the Infinity Stones, does that mean that Ultron was working for Thanos?

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is a fun blockbuster – but that’s about it. It’s clumsy, loud, convoluted and even amateurish at times. I don’t understand how anyone can turn a blind eye to its many faults. It lacks the charm, charisma and fluidity of the first ‘Avengers’ film. Towards the end, Hawkeye drops a line of dialogue that perfectly describes the movie’s gaping flaw, a flaw that rivals those in the second and third ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ sequels: “None of this makes any sense.”


  1. I’ve commented to several friends already that AGE OF ULTRON is probably the dumbest film I’ll confess to finding highly entertaining. Regardless, I’m sure it’s world’s better than the upcoming Batman v Superman. 🙂

  2. William Henley

    Are we really supposed to believe that Vision destroyed Ultron in the woods by himself when, 20 minutes earlier, he said that he didn’t want to kill Ultron because Ultron was unique?

    He also said that Ultron must be destroyed because Ultron wanted to kill all life on Earth, so killing Ultron was necessary

    For your first question, I said the same thing after the first Avengers movie. I think it was with Captain America 2 that I said “This entire movie could be over in 10 minutes if they just assembled The Avengers”

    Good point about the lack of oxygen.

    As for Jarvis and the Alien AI, I have just learned to role with technology in movies. Shoot, did you pick up on that crap they were talking about the Nexus? Really, all internet traffic in the world flows through Norway? The Marvel Universe must have some crappy ping time. Forget being in North America or Asia trying to do online gaming. Could you imagine the size of their internet pipe? I just went with it.

    The Thor Pool thing is something I am guessing was cut from the theatrical cut. I was lost on that too.

    I said the same thing about the Pinocchio reference

    Even though the individual movies and The Avengers are supposedly in the same universe, I am just going to go with them existing in seperate quantum realities. The events in one seem to have no effect on the events of another, unless it helps with a joke or to move the plot along. So yeah, let’s go with different quantum universes.

    Was that Verbranium that he had in the flying land? I assumed it was some kind of nuke, which is why the lighting / Thunder thing worked. If that was verbranium, then yeah, that makes no sense.

    Jarvis wasn’t dead, but Stark didn’t know that

    I am trying to figure out why so many of the jokes WORKED. The theater was packed, I was sitting next to some ten year old girl who was laughing through the entire movie. I couldn’t figure out if she was lauging at jokes that I was moaning about, or if she just had a bad case of the giggles.

    I know nothing from the comic books, just from the movies, but in this movie, they mention that Scarlett Witch has mental powers, including telekenesis, telephathy, and mind manipulation

    • Luke Hickman

      Upon first viewing, I thought Ultron placed a nuke in the church too – but I was corrected by some friends. Realizing that I was totally lost in this clumsy mess, I actually went back to see it a second time so that I could get my facts absolutely correct for this post.

      During the geek-filled press screening, all of the jokes worked 100% of the time with the audience. However, when I saw it a second time with a general audience on Saturday night, the overall response was dull. Jokes fell flat left and right. And, oddly, the Saturday night IMAX showing was so empty that I had to take a picture on my phone. It was probably only at 10% capacity. Mind you, this is one of three Utah theaters that ALWAYS ranks within the Top 10 highest-grossing domestic locations for geek movies (Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, etc). I knew then that there was no way that ‘Ultron’ was going to surpass the first ‘Avengers.’

  3. theHDphantom

    EXCELLENT article, Luke! Sure, some of the points were more on a joking level, but most were bang-on and you had the same questions I had with the film. Particularly your #31:
    “Why is Ultron’s army so easy to defeat? Quicksilver can bust them up with one punch and Hawkeye’s arrows pierce them like butter.”
    I kept asking this question over and over again. Ultron and his army is suppose to be this super intelligent AI, yet they’re getting destroyed so damn easily!!!! That drove me insane!

    Again, excellent article. Your ending paragraph hits the nail right on the head, too. I really, honestly hope Marvel gets their act together, or this whole Marvel franchise will just be another Transformers franchise.

    • They were a mass of quickly created drones that he controlled, nothing “special” was put into them to make them harder to kill. Quicksilver traveling at the speed of light punching something WOULD destroy it, which is why he pretty much knocked Cap unconscious when he slow mo punched him in the face, but since Cap was a super soldier with strength enough to almost life Thor’s hammer, he wasnt too phased, but running at cheap metal and blowing it to pieces traveling at the speeds he does, makes sense to me.

      Ultron was controlling those things, they werent HIM unless he wanted to move to one, which he did at the end of the film since it was the last place for his “consciousness” to go to. Otherwise they werent anything other than helpers, he could control them and spread himself out but that doesnt make each one of them HIM

      Quite a few of those “questions” are answered in the movie and make perfect sense, sounds like someone is just nitpicking a lot of this just to be against the norm. We’ve already debated a billion times now about how no one else is helping out in the individual movies, its been that way since the first Avengers and most fans have just gotten past that point, yes of course I notice it, but really I dont care 🙂

      • theHDphantom

        Your comment is well written and a lot of thought was obviously put into it, however I’m still not buying into that. It’s just waaaaay too hard to believe that they destroyed those drones so easily (yes, even too hard to believe for a comic-book movie). And were they made out of “cheap metal”? I thought they were made from the same stuff that iron man’s suit was made out of. They really could of explained that better. And with that in mind, Ultron wasn’t smart enough to understand that his drones were absolutely no match for The Avengers? So he couldn’t beef them up a bit with better protective metal or something? Not buying it. Sorry. If that truly is the case though, then Ultron was one of the weakest, dumbest villains I’ve ever seen.

        I don’t have a problem with why other superheroes aren’t helping the others in their specific movies. If they all did that, then every movie would be extremely repetitive.

        • William Henley

          I buy the “quickly made cheap robot” argument. Ultron was banking on the twins to keep The Avengers busy, while his robots kept the general population busy why he was doing the flying land thingy. Ultron’s downfall wasn’t his robots, it was that he didn’t count on the twins turning on him

        • If you recall, he was building these things out of the old Hydra base or somewhere in South Korea, I highly doubt anything in that place was up to Iron Man quality standards 🙂

      • Ryan

        Does Quicksilver have unbreakable hands? If he can punch metal robots apart…shouldn’t his own hand be destroyed in the process?

  4. I very much enjoyed this film but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that almost all of your 40 points were spot on and made me laugh at my phone in public. Well done!

  5. Answer to question 1. Not in the actor’s contracts or film budget. 🙂
    23. Clearly Thor was bathing in the waters of Minnetonka, which was important because he had a Vision and then told everyone to let Stark bring the Vision at he end.
    38. Didn’t Ultron attack Vision? Self defense i would guess.

    • I like to pretend that all of the Iron Man/Thor/Cap/Hulk standalone movies are taking place simultaneously or near-simultaneously, which would explain why the heroes are too buy with their own stuff to get together very often. However, I agree that it’s a mistake that most of those movies are staged to have major world-threatening consequences. We’re left with the movies constantly trying to one-up each other, until the plots are nearly indistinguishable.

      I think it would be better if the individual films were smaller and more personal. When the shit really hits the fan is when the Avengers are forced to assemble to save the world. As it is, the shit hits the fan in every movie. Sometimes one hero can take care of it, and (without much distinction) sometimes all of them have to get together.

      Is Ultron really a bigger threat than the Dark Elves who tried to destroy the Earth?

      • Thor: The Dark World takes place mostly off-world, they only come to Earth at the end and not in the states anyway. Winter Solider specifically states that Cap can’t trust anyone, and it’s understandable why he wouldn’t want to bring Tony in on that. As for Iron Man 3, that’s the flimsiest but still, Tony fakes his own death and goes off the grid.

      • We are sort of getting a little taste of heroes being together. Winter Soldier gave Captain America and Black Widow some quality screen time. The Dark World gave us Loki and Thor. Maybe phase 3 will bring more heroes in. Civil War for example, will have three major players that everyone knows of. I’m sure ther will be more surprises. I do totally agree with the personal stories. Why does it always have to be about saving the world? I wouldn’t mind seeing smaller scale stuff in the cinematic universe.

  6. I could answer pretty much all of these questions, but the shitty tone of this article really put me off. For the record I do love the whole MCU and no, I’m not a lemming, I agree that this and others are flawed, and for what it’s worth, I didn’t get that joke about Eugene O’neill and thus didn’t laugh at it.

    • Luke Hickman

      For what it’s worth, my intention was never to piss on the fans with the tone off this piece – maybe pee a little in their Cheerios, but I’m not looking to pick a fight. I had a lot of fun with ‘Age of Ultron,’ but MAN were there a ton of problems with it. It sounds like you view the MCU the same way I saw Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy. I’m completely aware of all the many problems that exist within them, but I can’t deny my love everything else that works. The good definitely triumphs the bad.

    • eric

      I am not a big fan of these films but the tone of this article is quite off putting. I didn’t finish reading it because it feels to much like a comment flaming a war not a real article. Every once in a while one of this types of articles appears on this site and it is disappointing, since the majority of the content is top notch. There are better ways to frame this up, without being such an ass about it. Try harder next time.

      • William Henley

        Where was he being an ass about it? It was a very well thought out and well written article by someone who is not a huge comic book fan and had questions.

        • Yes and no, it was funny because as much as a fan of the Marvel movies I am, there are a lot of things that simply dont make sense, I dont feel that its on the level of Transformers or Pirates 3 bad (which I still love those movies for the same reasons really) but whatever…..even though it was written well and makes sense it was still a big dig at the fans who probably forgive everything and question nothing….some people cant watch something like this and NOT see the plot holes, as much as Luke watches movies, reviews them and lives them, its probably become part of his job and himself, not much you can do there.

          I can certainly see some of the dumb crap that went on in Ultron and that didnt seem to happen in the first Avengers but I dont usually let that get in the way of my enjoyment since its a comic book movie and comics have had their fair share of convoluted junk over the years as well. The problem is I think is that these movies are getting too big for their own good, too much was happening in Ultron to try and tell a cohesive story along with developing characters more along with planting the seeds for furture movies/story, why the studio cut half an hour or so out of the final film? Dont know, Whedon just printed them money with the first Avengers and I’m surprised they didnt just let the run time be whatever it needed to be, but in doing so it really cut down on the story lines in the movie and jumbled things up some more, at least it looks like that anyways, we will have to see when the extended edition hits. But I can forgive these issues that Luke talked about more because of the type of movie it is, the glaring issues that happened in The Dark Knight Rises I have a much harder time with because that movie is supposed to be as real world as a Super Hero movie has ever been, so much wrong with that movie that just boggles the mind, especially coming off of a master piece like The Dark Knight

          • William Henley

            I can very much think of a good reason to cut half an hour or more out of a movie like this – It means you can squeeze in an extra showing or two on opening weekend. If you are selling out all movies on opening weekend, at an average of, oh, let’s say $10 a ticket, and lets say a theater auditorium holds 500 people, you are talking an extra $5000-$10000 a day per screen. Multiply by, oh, 3000 screens, and you can pull in an extra $15,000,000-$30,000,000 a day, just by cutting out 30 minutes or so.

            Of course, you may not be selling out those 10AM shows, but on a Saturday and Sunday, having an additional afternoon or evening show would be huge.

            Yeah, I get sometimes you have to just turn your brain off for a while to enjoy a movie. Some stuff, though, is just unacceptable. I mean, if you are punching out a screenplay on a computer, how hard is it to spend a couple of minutes on Google to fact-check something? The idea that from the time of the first draft until the first workprint, no one has caught continuity issues, huge scientific mistakes, or any other issues. People nowadays bombarded with television and the internet have tons of of interests outside of their field, so you mean to tell me that with all the people who work on a movie (okay, maybe not the caterers or the makeup artists or grips or something) that NO ONE said “Hey, this doesn’t make sense! Maybe we should rethink this scene or this line of dialogue!”

            Yeah, some better quality control in the way of scripts would be nice, but yeah, sometimes you just got to turn your brain off for a while.

  7. Does anyone here think that in the not too distant future we will ever see a Marvel/DC crossover? At this point, I feel like it wouldn’t be too crazy to think that it couldn’t happen somewhere along the line. Maybe after Infinity Wars, or if attendance for the super hero movies start dwindling.

    • Bolo

      Yeah, when the movies just aren’t making huge bucks anymore they’ll pool their collective appeal for a few dollars more. The studios will cut some deal, or one will simply buy the other.

      It’s like with The Expendables; 25 years ago these guys’ egos wouldn’t all fit in the same sports stadium, but these days none of them are terribly valuable on their own and so they’re willing to team up.

  8. Did you even watch the movie? Scarlet Witch explained why she let Stark take the Scepter clearly.She knew what he would do with it and it would destroy the Avengers

  9. 3. I think Scarlet Witch can get inside your head, which would include showing you your fears but not just specifically that and she shoots energy bursts. I believe she wanted to break the team apart from the inside.
    5. The romance with Hulk and Black Widow was definitely uncalled for, but Black Widow was never romantically involved with Hawkeye, they’re war buddies and they’ve been through some shit. She flirted with Rogers but I never got the vibe she liked him. She kept trying to set him up with other SHIELD employees. Maybe she’s just a big slut. : )
    13. Look at the comic books. He was doing it way before Bluetooth existed. Although I agree with you with the articulated robot face, he looked like Galvatron from Transformers 4. The last upgrade was much better.
    14. I believe Klaw is a villain of the Black Panther and I’m willing to bet he’ll be more important in the future. They’re probably planting some seeds with the whole Africa sequence. I bet some of it was cut.
    15. Subjective
    18. Jarvis wasnt dead although I’m guessing Stark has a plan b for that sort of thing.
    28. I personally thought they did a pretty good job with the Vision’s look, but I would’ve of given him his black eyes. Don’t tell me you want him cgi’d because the movie has enough of that already.
    39. The Rolling Stones have been doing it for 20 years. 🙂

  10. Timcharger

    Luke: “For what it’s worth, my intention was never to piss on the fans with the tone off this piece – maybe pee a little in their Cheerios, but I’m not looking to pick a fight.”

    That’s exactly it. Pee on one’s Cheerios, and that IS picking a fight.
    Only nerds are considered to NOT want to fight after some pee
    on their corn flakes. Luke, go pee on a jock’s cereal and see what

    About 1/4 of your questions are legitimately answered by the film.
    You missed the answers or confused the premise.

    1/4 are in the vein that every MCU film doesn’t answer. In other
    words, you have to just accept them when you walk into the film.

    1/4 aren’t really questions. They are just snarky comments. You
    are regurgitating other issues and just complaining.

    1/4 are legitimate questions. I’m hoping the extended cut does
    answer them. (Or rather, the theatrical cut should have cut out
    the problematic scenes leading to the unanswered questions.)


    Question #5
    “What’s up with the stupid romantic subplot between Black Widow and Bruce Banner? Since when did that exist? ‘The Avengers‘ made us think that she had a thing for Hawkeye, then ‘Winter Soldier’ made us think she had a thing for Cap. Pick a man, already.”

    I do agree with the question about everyone taking a turn with
    Black Widow, just not with your answer. I’m hoping the next
    sequel has another get to the front of the Black Widow line.

    “Pick a man, already”??? No Luke, we like the ambiguity. We’re
    hoping the Scarlet Witch gets her turn. Avenger babes in action,
    that will turn the franchise up another notch!

  11. Whats sad about the Black Widow story line with Banner and her involvement with the other members for this, is that she’s getting a huge bad rap as a major slut, even though she’s a fictional character, Renner and Evans have already gotten in trouble over saying this during press junkets and Renner went on Conan and pretty much kept saying the same thing….only problem is is that no one has ever seen her with anybody….she has definitely flirted with them but she has never slept with any of them has she? Nothing has been on screen except for now, when she finally has an actual thing for Banner with first base happening (nothing has happened with anyone else before) and people are running around calling her a slut.

    Add to this the leaked Email from Marvel CEO ripping apart female led super hero roles and we have a whole woman hate complex going on it seems over there at Marvel. With this guy pretty much saying that Elektra, Cat Woman and Supergirl all blew because they were female led movies, which is a bunch of crap, those movies sucked because they sucked, plain and simple….nice he forgets all of the bad male led Super Hero movies we’ve also had, Wolverine Origins, Green Lantern, Superman IV and plenty more.

    Black Widow is a major part of the team and you cant even find any merchandise with her on it, almost every cup and Tshirt has everyone except her and the first thing people complain about when she finally gets close to a romantic involvement after all of this time is that she’s jumped around too much and she’s a slut…..things need to change a bit when it comes to the portrayal of the women Super Heroes and I hope DC steps up with Wonder Woman

    • Timcharger

      Comics in general have never been kind to women. The vast majority of them
      are just caricatures for the male dominated fan base. It’s just difficult to use
      the source material to get a better role models for young girls.

      Pretty much almost every guy superhero is a slut, too. But our society has no
      issue with that. Wolverine is a slut; that has no ring to it. Perhaps that’s true
      equality. Embrace Black Widow’s empowering sluttiness.

      • William Henley

        I agree with both Chaz and Tim.

        Part of the issue is source material pandering to a male base. Black Widow, Scarlett Witch, and half the X-Men could be great role models for girls. Problem comes with characters like Wonder Woman and Catwoman and Elektra whose characters are are meant to be slutty, have skimpy or provocative outfits, or are sexual deviants. A reboot of these characters may be necessary. Problem is, most of the characters in the DC and Marvel Universe were designed 40-70 years ago, and women’s roles in society have changed. It has got to be tough to bring them onscreen to modern audiences without pissing over their comic-book roots.

        I think the best thing to do might be some test-comics online where the characters are rebooted in different ways, and get fans to vote on which one they like the best. You won’t please everyone, but at least then you can get a grasp for what your audience will accept.

  12. Charles M

    My biggest problem with the film was Vision doing almost nothing after his reveal. They make such a big deal out of him, and we see him do miraculous things like magically make a cape appear out of nowhere. Then he does almost nothing in the last battle.

  13. Bob Hickman

    What is this? I feel like I went to a Philosophy Class in the Bizarro World. In the words of William Shatner, “Get a Life”

  14. Bob Hickman

    And of course, that was the Evil Bob Hickman from Luke’s Life, episode 37, called “The Enemy Within”. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Yippee Ki Yah, M……..

  15. Kaldurahm

    This article was written by someone who thinks that they are really smart. The patronizing tone and the continuing insulting use of the word “geeks” makes it hard to even take anything the author says as credible. Comic book movies are not meant to be oscar-nominated films and are not meant to be taken all that seriously. They are pure entertainment. And generally, not always, but generally not bad entertainment. Calling comic books fans “sheep” is not even an intelligent or researched response mainly because comic book/science fiction/fantasy fans are some of the most critical fanbases in existence. I don’t know what movie theater this author went to but I’ve yet to find someone who has seen this movie understand or laugh at the Eugene O’Neill reference, comic book fan or otherwise.

  16. Joel Reid

    Most are quite true. But I could easily answer 5-7 of your 20. So you were reaching as much as Whedon was reaching for the plot!
    I been scratching my head about the silly water dance for months. Where the hell did that come from and was skarsgards just available that day of shooting?

  17. Joel Reid

    The one you missed is. How the heck does Quicksilver die? He can pick up his sister and take off. Pick up people in front of the train and move them 50 feet in 1/100 of a second, yet he couldn’t move 5’7″ Hawkeye with a 50lb kid 10 feet? He’d rather get shot?

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