Mobile Viewing: Best Android Apps for Watching Movies?

Many home theater snobs are opposed to the idea of ever watching a movie on a phone or portable device. Not me. I have a subway commute every day, and I enjoy using that time to watch movies and TV shows. Better that than staring at the scary people around me on the train. Also, ripping my old DVD collection gives me an excuse to do something with those standard-def discs now that I can’t bring myself to watch them on my HD big screen anymore. A 4″ screen is just about the right size for DVD video.

In the past, I’ve used an iPod Touch for this. Recently, I’ve found that I prefer to use my Motorola Droid phone. It has a higher resolution screen, and I don’t have to put up with the insufferable ordeal that is iTunes just to load a video. Here’s the problem: I haven’t found an Android movie watching app that really suits me.

My needs are very simple. I’d be perfectly content with the Droid’s default media player if only it allowed me to scroll through the video playlist in an alphabetized list view rather than as thumbnails. That really bugs me. I’ve downloaded a few different Android apps to find something that would add this very rudimentary feature. Although several have the list view, I can’t stand the ones that change the on-screen interface to remove the traditional scroll bar in favor of a swiping action. That makes it impossible for me to scan through a movie to find a specific scene with any sort of accuracy.

Currently, I’m mainly using an app called “Videos,” which has basically the same on-screen interface as the default player, but with a list view. Only, it won’t let me sort the titles alphabetically. They’re always jumbled in some random order I can’t figure out. What’s that about?!

So, I pose this question to readers: What is the best Android app (preferably free) for watching movies, that has an alphabetized list view and a simple scroll bar for scanning through the video? In other words, one that’s as much like the iPod Touch/iPhone interface as possible. Your suggestions are appreciated.


  1. I’m always jealous when I hear of people’s mass transit commutes. I used to drive an hour to work every day and lament in my inability to play my DS or read a book, while others got a solid hour of entertainment before and after work.

    I used to use the Divx mobile player when I had a windows smartphone and it worked out dandy. I couldn’t tell you if it’s a great choice for Android or not though.

  2. I use MixZing. It presents everything in list form (as long as you have everything described properly), and will grab artwork/artist info for any audio track it finds. There are some ads at the bottom of the startup page, and during music playback, but nowhere else.

    And hey, it’s free.

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