‘Idol’ Worship: Scott Baio Says Goodbye

‘American Idol’ was a bit of a wash last week. The inevitable happened and Stefano got the ax. Do they still publish Tiger Beat? If so, girls will just have to cry over their Stefano centerfolds. However, if they decide to remake ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’, he’d be a shoe-in, so maybe there’s life for him after ‘Idol’.

The show started out with the earlier weeks’ losers singing Pink, practicing for the tour, whatever. Poor Paul was in the mix with five girls. I hear he’s dating Nikki Reed from ‘Twilight’. Nice work, Paul.

I don’t really have much to recap. The little intro bits where the contestants made fun of each other was entertaining. As for Jimmy, I still don’t need him, but this was the last week at an hour and a half, so the show had to fill the space somehow. I guess the idea of giving people more time to sing didn’t occur to the producers.

We had James Durbin with a marching band and a riding crop. Haley continued to go strong and sang the crap out of her song. For Jacob, I need a little less emotion from him. Casey went in yet another direction with Maroon 5 and sounded great. He stole a kiss from Jennifer, which was a great moment. Stephano was awful, yet the judges still refuse say a bad word. Randy dawg has lost a bit of cred with me this year. Lauren was channelling Hanna Montana.

On the results show, former ‘Idol’ David Cook performed. His hairline has mysteriously moved forward. He was a bit dull, but it was enjoyable watching his mother get groped by Steven Tyler (at her request). Katy Perry also performed and I don’t even know where to begin. Really. I have no words. It came down to Jacob and Stephano in the bottom. No surprise there. Bye, Stefano.

The word on the street from the elementary school crowd is that Scotty and Lauren are the ones to watch. For me, I’m watching Casey and Haley, but not willing to rule anyone out yet. Well, maybe Jacob.

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  1. Early on, I thought Jacob was going to be the one to watch, but he is really getting boring. I think its going to be Haley and James. Scotty is a one-trick pony, and I am SO not a Casey fan. I hope he goes home this week, now that we finally got rid of the self-centered Steffano.

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