Poll: Which 2017 Oscar Nominated Movies Have You Seen?

As Hollywood continues to gloat all through awards season about the quality of the movies it makes, the fact remains that many of the Oscar nominees have simply not been widely seen by audiences outside industry voting circles. With just short of a month to cram the rest in, how many of this year’s selection have you actually watched?

The poll below contains all of the films nominated for Best Picture and the acting prizes. Feel free to vote “Other” and tell us in the Comments section if you’ve seen nominees from any of the other categories.

This poll is not intended to make predictions about which movie(s) will win trophies on February 28th. Nor is it about which movies you think deserve to win. We’re merely trying to gauge how many you’ve seen. Vote for as many as apply.

Which 2017 Oscar Nominated Movies Have You Seen?

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As I look over this list, I haven’t seen a damn one of these movies. I have interest in several of them (‘Arrival’, ‘Elle’, ‘Hell or High Water’, ‘Manchester by the Sea’, ‘Moonlight’), but current front-runner ‘La La Land’ isn’t a high priority for me, and my enthusiasm for some of the others is negligible.

Because Oscar telecast ratings frequently correlate to the box office popularity of the films nominated, it seems fairly obvious to me that nominees like ‘Arrival’ and ‘Hidden Figures’ were primarily thrown in as populist concessions. ‘Arrival’ has virtually no chance of winning, but I think there’s a small chance that ‘Hidden Figures’ could pull an upset victory. However, it should be noted that I am terrible at predicting Oscars, so you probably shouldn’t listen to me on that.


  1. Chris B

    I’ve only seen Arrival, La La Land and Hell or High Water. I had a plan to see Moonlight, Manchester or Silence last friday but Cineplex sucks ass and none of those were playing anywhere near me. Oh, but I can go see the new triple X movie anytime I want…FML.

  2. EM

    Besides Arrival and La La Land, I have so far seen:
    Hail, Caesar! (Production Design)
    Kubo and the Two Strings (Animated Feature Film, Visual Effects)
    The Lobster (Writing [Original Screenplay])
    Rogue One (Sound Mixing, Visual Effects)
    Zootopia (Animated Feature Film)

  3. Pedram

    Kubo should have been on the list. I’m usually not a fan of most Oscar films (I only really want to see 2 on that list), but I thought that one was pretty good.

  4. Clark

    Wow, Josh! With such a complex home theater system (including stars projected on the ceiling), I thought you would have seen at least “Hell or High Water”, “Captain Fantastic” and “Florence Foster Jenkins”, since these ones are already available on Blu-ray! What are you using all your equipment for? (just kidding)
    Anyway, “Captain Fantastic” is great, you should see it. But please don’t try to raise your kids as Viggo Mortensen does!

  5. Bolo

    Nominees I’ve seen:
    ‘The Lobster’ (my favourite movie of last year)
    ‘Hell or High Water’
    ‘Nocturnal Animals’
    ‘Suicide Squad’
    ‘Kubo & The Two Strings’
    ‘Hail, Caesar!’

    Nominees I want to see, but haven’t seen yet:
    ‘La La Land’ (fate continues to block me from seeing this film)

  6. moremovies85

    I’ve seen all of these listed. I have a membership at my local movie theater (which is also a non-profit) so I saw about 130 movies in theaters last year.

  7. Lord Bowler

    I’ve only seen “Hacksaw Ridge” and it was a powerful movie!

    I’m still a fan of Mel Gibson and expected a good movie, but this far exceeded my expectations. I was really surprised by Andrew Garfield in the movie. I wasn’t that big of a fan of his work in other movies, but he did a really good job in this movie.

    I watched an interview with the real Desmond Doss and Garfield did capture him well.

    Of the rest, I really want to see only:
    ‘Hell or High Water’

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