The Remastered 'BioShock' & 'BioShock 2' of 'BioShock: The Collection' Will Be Free for PC Owners

Posted Thu Jun 30, 2016 at 08:53 AM PDT by
Bioshock The Collection

Also 'Minerva's Den.'

Announced today for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, 'BioShock: The Collection' will be a remastered version of the original trilogy and the single player DLC. For the console versions, this is all about getting the games up to a 1080p standard. On PC, 'BioShock Infinite' is being left alone as it fits the "current-gen console standards and runs smoothly on high visual settings."

But 'BioShock,' 'BioShock 2,' and 'Minerva's Den' is being remastered with new textures and hopefully some Windows 7 & 10 love. Plus, there will be some nice commentary and concept art extras for the first game. Fortunately, current owners of the PC versions are already in good shape, and by that, I mean they will be getting the upgraded versions for free.

From 2K, 

And if you already own BioShock, BioShock 2, and/or Minerva’s Den on Steam, you will be able to upgrade to the remastered version of the respective title(s) for free after release. It’s a circus of values!

Bioshock remastered

So yeah, while PC players already have enjoyed nice versions of all three games, any incoming upgrades will not cost any extra money.

You can find the latest info on 'BioShock: The Collection' linked from our Video Game Release Schedule.

Source: 2K Games

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