The Prince Who Would Be King: 'Final Fantasy XV' Reviewed

Posted Fri Dec 9, 2016 at 09:16 AM PST by
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So much charm.

At long last, 'Final Fantasy XV' is out, and we have a review of the PS4 version here. As fate would have it, after playing several demos on PS4, including 'Episode Duscae' and 'Platinum Demo,' I wound up playing the final game, not on the PS4 Pro as I had expected, but on a Xbox One S. The number one thing to report here is that I've really enjoyed the HDR support. This is a game with a lot of sunsets, and some very colorful characters and creatures, and, considering the openworld aspects, 'Final Fantasy XV' close to demo material for a 4K HDR set.

As for the game itself, it's a slow-starter. I think that both the questionable 'Kingsglaive' movie, and the fun 'Brotherhood' short anime series are essential for being grounded in the game's big picture story and for getting to know the main party. The combat can be really fun, and it's certainly a robust system. There is a lot to do in terms of quests and explorations, side pursuits, and when thing gets meatier, there is a real payoff, which makes the game hard to put down. The open aspects are flavored with a certain enthusiasm. It's the kind of outlook that likes snapping pictures, reviewing them at a campsite, and scouring the land for ingredients and recipes to make new kinds of hot dishes. I was surprised by how relaxing the game's fishing mini-game is, and that's not the only surprise by far. What I keep thinking of, however, is that one of my favorite game series does these things, and does them even better. That would be the 'Yakuza' series. But of course, 'FFXV' is full of 'Final Fantasy' touches to find and appreciate, and that's not at all lost on this longtime series fan.

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