'UFC 2' Announced; Now 100% More Rowdy

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The Rowdy one makes gaming history.

EA announced today that they're taking another swipe at MMA fighting with 'UFC 2', which is due out in Spring 2016. The first game, while stunning graphically had its problems, but they're problems the team is keen to not repeat this time, if senior mproducer Brian Hayes is to be believed.

"First and foremost, there was a lot feedback about how challenging the game was on the ground, or in the clinch. That wasn't exactly a complete surprise, because those facets of the sport are generally the most complex. But in hindsight, it was more challenging than we would have liked. So for 'UFC 2' we put a big focus on improving the grappling controls, providing a better on-boarding experience, and giving players plenty of ways to learn how to master the game. The other thing we heard from fans is that they wanted more experiences and deeper modes. So we went big on that, added five new modes and took a close look at our existing ones to make them more rewarding."

Those modes include a completely revamped campaign, a Training Camp mode to develop them, Ultimate Team mode, a carryover from EA's other sports titles, and a KO mode, which is the closest the game comes to being just a straight up street fighter, allowing for grapple-less fights. Combined with redone Knockout system, a renewed focus on the graphical side of things, and the game now allowing for female fighter creation,and it sounds a lot like EA's not messing around this time. Check out the announcement trailer below:

Speaking of female fighters, though: Probably the coolest news to come out of the announcement is the fact that certified badass Ronda Rousey will be front and center on the cover, making her the first female to ever grace an EA Sports cover. She'll be sharing cover duty with a yet-unnamed male fighter, but as you can see from the cover art in the main pic for this article, he'll be kinda in the background. Which is smart really. Bad things happen to flesh-and-blood humans that get that close. Check out Rowdy talking about the cover below.

You can find the latest info on 'UFC 2' linked from our Video Game Release Schedule.

Source: EA Sports

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