'Alien: Isolation' Featurette Shows Some Character

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Alien: Isolation

Amanda Ripley and friends on display, for your viewing pleasure.

Sega put out a new featurette for ‘Alien: Isolation’ today, focusing equal parts on protagonist Amanda Ripley’s face and the subtly widened supporting cast. We knew there was Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, and her adjoined crew on the quest within the fabled Nostromo. There’s also the horrible, deadly Xenomorph, of course. But now comes the realization that Ripley won’t be so isolated after all. Check it out.

So in addition to the small cast introduced at the game’s announcement, desperate, survivor-types are going to show up on a decommissioned trading port called Sevastopol. While these NPCs won’t likely be on the same level of ‘Bioshock’ insanity, it’s comforting to know Ripley will be doing more than sneaking and screaming under the salivation of her would be alien murderer.

The crux of the gameplay is still sneaking, and screaming, as you try to survive the encounter. Scavenging and improvisation, according to Sega, will be of utmost importance. As for developer Creative Assembly, authenticity is good, but atmosphere is better. This is an ambitious project.

‘Alien: Isolation’ comes to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC on Oct. 7. It can’t come soon enough, if not to simply answer the question: can they really pull this off?

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