Xbox One Unboxing Reveals Another Reversal

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Xbox One Day One Unboxing

System bundled with a headset, sticker, and HDMI cable.

With the new consoles still months away, fans are forced to bide their time waiting with current generation hardware and games. Fortunately, little tidbits of information from the developers and the console manufacturers help to keep that interest level stoked. To that end, Major Nelson has posted a video of an unboxing of an Xbox One Day One edition.

The unboxing begins with everyone's favorite peripheral, the Kinect, and is followed by the surprising inclusion of a chat headset. While this unboxing specifically involves the Day One edition of the Xbox One, Major Nelson clarified the status of the headset by saying that "both Day One and standard editions of the console include this headset." Previously, Microsoft had been pushing the Kinect peripheral as a natural replacement of a bundled headset.

Speaking of Kinect, the Kinect module will house the system's IR blaster. The Xbox One also includes and IR out port. Both IR options and HDMI-in port seem to be part of the Xbox One's DVR capabilities.

The box also includes the actual system with Blu-ray drive, power brick, controller, manuals, sticker and HDMI 1.4 cable, which is being billed as "4K capable."

The Day One edition includes "Day One 2013" branding on the controller and a chrome d-pad as well as a code for "I bought a Xbox Day One Edition" achievement.

The standard edition on the Xbox One is expected to release alongside the Day One edition this fall and is available to pre-order.

Source: Major Nelson

Author: Brian Hoss

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