'Batman: Arkham Asylum' and 'Batman: Arkham City' PC Save Files Now Invalidated

Posted Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 10:30 AM PDT by
'Batman: Arkham Asylum & City' PC versions

Games For Windows Live has one more joke to play on Batman players.

Games For Windows Live, Microsoft's solution to PC gaming idiosyncrasies, has been a thorn in many gamers sides for the last decade. Recently, Microsoft finally made the decision to discontinue the service, and two of game affected are the PC versions of 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' and 'Batman: Arkham City.'

Two major problems caused by the service have been corrupted or inaccessible save files, and a convoluted Microsoft Store-only method for acquiring DLC.

In an announcement on Steam, the games have been updated to excise the horrid excuse for a game platform, GFWL, which has some interesting side effects. First, since GFWL managed the game's DLC, all owners have now been upgraded to Game of the Year Editions, regardless of which version and what DLC they previously owned. This is similar to the recent change in 'BioShock 2' and the 'Minerva's Den' DLC. Sadly, the removal of GFWL means that all save files are now useless, and the games must be played from scratch. "Unfortunately, you will not be able to continue playing from your current save. You will need to start a new game."

Finally, this all work rather seamlessly for those that have purchased the games through Steam, however, owners of boxed copies, will need to re-enter their CD keys. The announcement promises that this will be the last time the CD Key will be needed.

Source: Steam

Author: Brian Hoss

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