'Serenity' to Lead Off Universal's First HD-DVD Titles

Posted Tue Apr 11, 2006 at 11:18 AM PDT by
Serenity The launch of the first HD-DVD player and discs only a week away, Universal appears poised to announce the release of its first three titles for the format, reports Video Business. The studio has quietly alerted select retailer websites that it will debut 'Serenity' on April 18, followed a week later by 'Apollo 13' and 'Doom.'

Though Universal has not made an any official announcement of the titles, nor would a studio spokesperson confirm nor deny the releases to VB, all three of the HD-DVD titles have quietly appeared on retail websites including Amazon.com, Target.com and Circuit City.com. Both Amazon and Target currently list all three titles with a list price of $34.95 each; Circuit City at $33.95. No details on technical specs or supplementary material for any of the releases is yet available, though all are expected to contain the same extra features as their standard DVD counterparts.

If the April 18 holds date for 'Serenity,' both Universal and Warner will have discs on the market timed with the format's launch. The only other studio to commit to the HD-DVD format, Paramount, has yet to announce any release plans.

For a complete list of currently announced HD-DVD titles visit our HD-DVD Release Schedule, which has now been updated to include the Universal titles.
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