The Bonus View Digest - April 29, 2011

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Now that it's been over a year since High-Def Digest started its own blog, The Bonus View, we thought it a good idea to keep people up to date about everything going on there. Each week we post a High-Def Digest-Digest so you can have an easily navigated way of accessing all the cool stuff we've been up to at HDD for the past week. Here on The Bonus View Digest we'll be highlighting some of the fantastic posts of the last week so you can see what you're missing out on if you're not checking out The Bonus View on a daily basis.

Since March we've been having a movie character tournament, where we started out with 64 famous movie characters. It's a tournament style format with characters going head-to-head in battles to the death. Readers decide through voting who they want to continue on and who they want to leave lying there bleeding and broken. We've almost finished up with the second round, so here's some of the match-ups you may have missed.

Batman vs. The Joker – Dutch vs. Inigo Montoya

John McClane vs. Col. Hans Landa – Paul Kersey vs. Hannibal Lecter

Judge Doom vs. Maximus – Harry Callahan vs. The Terminator

The Bonus View is also a perfect place to get all the information you'll need about theatrical releases. Yes, we even cover what's happening in the cinemas. Today's movies are tomorrow's Blu-rays!

New writer Luke Hickman asks "Since When Are Movies Known for Their FX Teams?" Giving us the insider information on why the new movie 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' is touting WETA Digital during their trailer. In a couple other Hollywood news stories Luke tells us the new 'Bourne' movie won't star Jason Bourne, and what we can expect from the sequel to 'Piranha 3D'

That's not all we cover at The Bonus View, though. We've even got weekly recaps of your favorite TV shows. Shows like 'Game of Thrones', 'Modern Family', 'Fringe', 'Chuck', 'Justified', 'The Killing', and NBC's Thursday night lineup are all covered in great detail every week giving you a place to voice your opinions about each and every, episode.

Finally we have pithy editorials that cover every aspect of the HD universe. From video games to the latest HD equipment, The Bonus View has you covered. We heard from Dick Ward when he lamented video games being unfairly blamed for violence in our society. We learned about the Playstation Network being hacked and brought down without any explanation of how long the downtime will last.

I didn't even cover the fun that we have with our Mid-week Polls on all sorts of HD topics, our Weekend Roundtables where The Bonus View writers sit around discussing different movie-related topics, and that we have a Weekend Movies recap so you know what's happening with your favorite movies in the theaters.

So, please join us over on The Bonus View, you won't be disappointed.

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