US Netflix Customers Can Now Join Netflix's Social Experience

Posted Wed Mar 13, 2013 at 09:00 AM PDT by
Netflix Social

The optional Facebook connection has some privacy options.

Netflix Facebook sharing arrives today as Netflix has finally overcome the 1988 Video Privacy Act that was preventing the service from adding the ability to share viewing tastes with others electronically.

By opting in, users can pursue their Facebook friends viewing habits, at least for those who wish to share that information. Unlike a previous iteration of Netflix social features, users can selectively share titles by removing viewed titles from the share list. Users can even go as far as to post comments in their timeline about each title.

Another important option involves the two levels of sharing, either just within Netflix or within Netflix and Facebook. Many users may feel OK with sharing with Facebook friends inside of Netflix, but would rather not have anything post on their Facebook.

Netflix has wisely provided a video demonstrating the ease of use, especially with regards to the PS3. The video also represents the core idea behind the social features, to actively and passively share with others what the viewer is watching, which may serve as a conversation starter.

Source: Venture Beat

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