Gordon Freeman's Horse: Valve Has Repeatedly Refused Hollywood's Overtures

Posted Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 06:30 AM PST by
Left 4 Dead

Newall to filmmakers, "Have you even played this?"

Mixed amongst the latest The Nerdist podcast are Gabe Newall's rational and explanation as to why properties like 'Half-Life' and 'Left 4 Dead' have not leapt to the silver screen before now, and likely never will.

Referring to the pitches relayed as various filmmakers' visions, Newall stated, "Part of the reason we started Source Filmmaker was that the ideas were so terrible. They didn't understand why people were fans of the things that we had. They weren't capturing it, they were picking some detail that jumped out at them without ever being enthusiastic or passionate about it and saying, ‘well, we'll do this.'

"There really were people who came to us with proposals of: ‘Okay, it's Half-Life 1, and there are horses, and it's a cavalry charge, and it's high-tech carbon armor on the horses.' And we were like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about? Have you even played this?'"

In the stead of questionable big screen adaptations, fans can look forward to productions such as the upcoming official fifteen minute 'Team Fortress 2' piece, made using Source Filmmaker.

Source: The Nerdist podcast via Polygon

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