Sony Blu-ray Player Hits Low of $449 at Circuit City

Posted Fri Jul 20, 2007 at 04:55 AM PDT by
sony bdp-300

In a deal that sets yet another new record low for Blu-ray player prices, Circuit City is offering a $50 rebate on Sony's BDP-S300, knocking the overall price of the player down to $449.

The limited time web-only deal first surfaced on the Circuit web site earlier this week, and runs only until this Sunday, July 21.

This latest deal from Circuit City comes amidst a series of recent price cuts, disc bundles and rebates for Blu-ray players at various retailers. Walmart is currently offering the same Sony BDP-S300 player bundled with two free Blu-ray discs for $488, while last week Amazon offered Sony's Blu-ray-enabled PS3 at its new retail price of $499, bundled with a free Blu-ray disc plus the PS3 Blu-ray player remote.

Combined with the BDA's "Five Free Discs" promotion, all three deals have offered consumers effective savings of more than $150 below MSRP.

Of course, none of these recent Blu-ray promotions can compare savings-wise to Toshiba's $299 HD DVD HD-A2 player (which comes with its own five disc bundle), but with prices dropping on a near-weekly basis on both sides of the high-def format war, there's no telling how low player prices will go before the start of this year's crucial holiday shopping season.

To stay on top of all the price drops and limited times promotions as they happen, be sure to keep an eye on the Blu-ray Bargains and HD DVD Bargains threads in our forums area.

Thanks to Ken for the tip!

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